Make it snow! in the Butterflies

We’ve been working on making snow globes. We started by dotting white paint with qtips onto blue plates like snow. Then on a clear plate we glued a picture of each child and added glitter before we glued the plates together. When we shake it, it snows!

We made another winter treat – shaved ice. We put ice cubes in a special machine and turned the handle. It made the ice come out in tiny pieces. We poured a little grape juice on it and tasted it. It was yummy!

And here are some happy faces from circle time and play time to end off the week.



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Brrr! It’s cold outside! in the Butterflies

After our snow day we came to school and saw that there was so much snow on the ground. We decided to paint on it! We filled up spray bottles with colorful water and went outside. It was fun to spray the snow and watch it turn colors. Using the spray bottles is also good exercise for our hand muscles.

We came inside and made fake snow out of conditioner and baking soda. We measured and poured each of the ingredients and then mixed it together until it turned into a snowy white mixture. It felt a little like real snow but not as cold. We were able to make snowballs and even a snowman with it!

We compared the fake snow to some real snow that we brought inside, and noticed that the real kind was much colder and icier. Here are some things the children said about the snow.

“I don’t like the snow.”




“It’s a pile.”

We talked about what we wear in the winter to stay warm. We remembered that everyone in our class wore a coat to school, and  some people in our class wore scarves and gloves or mittens. We decorated our own mittens with tissue paper squares and hung them in our classroom. We’re going to make scarves next!

Last but not least we’ve been having fun with bubbles in the gym. Look at these excited faces! We love to try to catch and pop the bubbles as they float.

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Snowy Explorations in the Butterfly Class

We’ve been experimenting with ice. We filled tall ice cube trays with water and food coloring and put it in the freezer. When it was frozen, we saw that they looked just like markers or crayons and we painted with them. It was cold!

We also made real crystal snowflakes. We put water and Borax in a big tank and hung pipe cleaner snowflake shapes inside. We watched them closely during the day and saw some crystals forming on the bottom. When we came in the next day, they had really turned into crystals! What a cool science experiment.

We also enjoyed Pajama Day and our hibernation activities last week. We all were so cozy in our pajamas as we made pancakes, ate hibernation cupcakes that we made (we put bear cookies inside each one just like they were hibernating), and cuddled and rested with the bears.

We have been reading many winter books and our favorite is one called “The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs. It doesn’t have any words, only pictures. It’s about a boy who makes a snowman and then goes on some adventures with him. When he wakes up in the morning, he sees that the snowman melted! We love this book and read it over and over. We were inspired to make our own melted snowman projects. We each painted with white and then added a hat, eyes, a nose, and a scarf. They came out so adorable.


We made a big felt snowman that we enjoyed playing with too.

Last but not least, Mazal Tov to Liat on the birth of her new baby sister!


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Winter wonderland in the Butterfly Class

We are slowly transforming our classroom into a snowy winter wonderland!

We used white paint and glitter on aluminum foil to create snowy masterpieces. It was interesting to paint on the crinkly foil.


We also created snowflakes to hang on our tree.

We’ve been having fun experimenting with ice. One thing we did was freeze a big block of ice with some little toys inside. We used hammers and screwdrivers to break it apart and find the hidden treasures. It was also fun to use our hands to melt the ice away.

More snowy fun to come as well as our hibernation pajama party tomorrow!

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Winter is here in the Butterfly Class!

Winter is here! In the winter it’s very cold outside and snows a lot. Since it already snowed two times this year we talked about what we remember about it – it’s wet, white, and very cold to touch. During the winter we need to bundle up in coats, hats, scarves, and maybe even gloves. We began reading books about winter this week, and learned about hibernation. We read one book called “It’s Time to Sleep” that is our new favorite.

We decided to make our own cave so we could hibernate inside of it or let our stuffed animals hibernate. We painted a big box brown and will turn it into a cave soon.

We played with shaving cream and loved it! It was messy and so much fun. It reminded us of snow because it’s white and felt cool to touch. We made lines and dots with our fingers in the shaving cream and even made piles of it on the table. We also discovered that if you hold a little bit on your finger, you can blow it off onto the table! We can’t wait to do it again another day.



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So many Chanukah visitors in the Butterfly Class!

We are so lucky that so many mothers and fathers came to join us for more exciting Chanukah activities this week!

We decorated doughnuts with the help of Liat’s mother, Yair’s mother, and Chaya Feiga’s mother. There were so many decoration options to choose from – chocolate frosting, vanilla frosting, blue, white, and silver sprinkles, and regular and white chocolate chips.

After that we made menorahs out of bananas, pretzels, and marshmallows. First each child stuck a marshmallow on the top of the pretzels to be like the candles. Then they stuck the pretzels into the bananas. They looked just like menorahs and they tasted delicious.

The next day we did a special Chanukah craft with Yosef’s mother, Daniela’s father, and Caleb’s mother. We glued squares of tissue paper onto a white paper and then put a cutout of a dreidel on top. You can see the colorful dreidel through the outline!

We also played in a rice sensory bin with dreidels hidden inside.

All in all, it was a great Chanukah week!

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Chanukah fun in the Butterfly Class

It snowed again! We went right out after arrival to play in the snow. The children felt it crunching under their boots and made snowballs. They noticed that it was white and cold. Brrr! But it was fun!

We made latkes today, with JJ’s, Noam’s, and Zachary’s moms. Thank you for your help! The children peeled and grated the potatoes, then mixed in eggs, salt, and grated onions. While they were frying we made our challahs and read books. It was a busy morning


We’ve also been lighting our large menorah together with the Sunflower class each day. First we put in the shamash, then the other candles, then use the shamash to light. We sing the brachot together as well as Maoz Tzur.

We still have more days of Chanukah to enjoy! Can’t wait to see what celebrations will come next!

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Light play in the Butterfly Class

As Chanukah is the festival of lights, we enjoyed some exciting light play this week. The children loved seeing the shadows on the wall made by their hands, hair, and loose parts placed on the projector. We put buttons, magnatiles, and even a water bottle on it and each one had a different shadow. It was fun to try to catch the shadows as we moved the pieces around.

We’ve been making menorahs out of all different materials including big Legos. We enjoy using the different colors to make all the candles while singing our favorite song “One little, two little, three little candles…” Another fun activity was placing blocks on the outline of a menorah on our rug.

The children collaborated on a big Chanukah mural, using stamps, stickers, and dot paints for a multi-faceted project. We did this over two days and it was a hit!


We can’t wait for all our special visitors during the great Chanukah week in school!  Happy Chanukah!

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Chanukah oh Chanukah! in the Butterflies

Thanksgiving is over and here comes Chanukah! The children were excited when we brought out dreidels and a menorah with real candles to play with. We counted how many candles we need – 8! One for each night. Each child had a chance to put a candle in, going from right to left.


We also practiced spinning dreidels. We saw that there is a Hebrew letter on each side of the dreidel – nun, gimmel, hey, and shin. We spun them on the tray, the table, and the floor!

We wondered what it would look like if we spun them in paint, and decided to test it out. Some children tried spinning them and others stamped or spread the paint with the dreidels.

It was also fun to stick dreidels into our playdough! We made some interesting sculptures.

Another way we painted was with Chanukah candles. We used the wicks as thin paintbrushes to make lines, dots, and circles. We’ll use these candle shapes to make a big menorah in our classroom.


There are so many fun Chanukah songs, and Morah Jill came to sing some of them with us. We spun around like dreidels, melted like candles, and passed around a big dreidel while she played her guitar.

More Chanukah fun to come!

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Welcome to our new friends in the Butterfly Class

We recently welcomed two new children into our class – JJ and Chaya Feiga. We are so happy to have them join us!

We’re working hard finishing up our Thanksgiving projects and are excited to send them home. We are also doing our last preparations for our feast in school, including making feathered headdresses just like the Native Americans we learned about. We took out lots of long colorful feathers and had a lot of fun waving them in the air, tickling ourselves, comparing the colors, and feeling the soft sides. Then we chose our favorite colors to glue onto our headdresses.


Zachary’s mother joined us for library time.

Outside we’ve been practicing our gross motor skills by playing catch. Ball games are also a good opportunity for sharing with friends and taking turns.

And of course, we made challah for Shabbat! The children love this weekly activity. They love the sensory experience of manipulating the dough and we hope they enjoy eating their yummy challah at home.


Shabbat Shalom!

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