Music Week Here We Come!

Stamping art


Decorating our picture frames for our camp picture


Making music shakers!


Music Circle! Let’s see you shake your shakers!


Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all the objects?


Bubble balloon dance party!




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4th of July Fun, Bubbles and Shabbat Party!

Red, white and blue glue and glitter


Thank you Mathias family for the bubble machine! We love it!


Juicing oranges to make popsicles


What did you find in the sand table?



Sports with Coach Matt

1, 2, 3, TEAMWORK!


Shabbat Shalom!

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Racing down the track at Camp Cochavim! It’s Transportation Week!

Coloring traffic lights for the track


Painting a camp cochavim bus


Scoot scoot!

Circle games!


Making a stop sign for our race track


Building a road in our outdoor classroom

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Let’s see your camp spirit!

Simcha Stars, let’s see your camp spirit!


Cool Kids, let’s see your spirit!


Amazing Astronauts, let’s see you cheer!


Miss Jenn took us on a trip to outer space!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blastoff! Another rocketship run!

Twinkle twinkle little star…


Making cupcakes for Shabbat Party!


Having a blast!


Shabbat Party!!! Making Kiddush…

Yummy challah…

Special Shabbos party treat!

We love Camp Cochavim!

Our wonderful counselors that we love so much!

From left to right: Eliana (Cool kids), Macky (Cool Kids), Leora (Cool Kids), Sherry (Cool Kids head counselor), Naama (Simcha Stars head counselor), Hannah (Amazing Astronauts head counselor), Lilly (Amazing Astronauts), Tali (Simcha Stars), Roey (Cool Kids).

Simcha Stars: Daniela, Elisheva, Emunah, Tzivi, David, Ethan

Cool Kids: Shalom Nissim, Noam, Chaya Feiga, Yair, Zachary, Yosef, J.J., Caleb, Nathan, Moshe, Liat

Amazing Astronauts: Ella, Uriel, Lieba, Noach, Ezra


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What a Wonderful Start at Camp Cochavim

Let the fun begin! Decorating a welcome sign

Circle Time!

A BIG thank you to the Goldenthal’s for a new toy – teeter totters!


Water Play

Watering our garden


How fast can you go?!

Chalk fun!


Storytime outside and getting to know our counselors

Just hanging out with our buddies!

1 hop, 2 hop, 3 hop, 4!



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Carnival Fun!

Fun in the sun!


We can jump so high on the moon bounce!

I got the ball!


We made “cotton candy” for the carnival!


Getting ready for our Pajama Party!


Pajama Party with Mrs. Jill!

March all the bugs!

Look at the animals splashing in the sea!



Carnival Games!

Ring Toss!

Bean Bag Toss!

Slam Dunk!

Our favorite…Bowling!



We had a clown come to do a funny balloon show for us! The clown’s name was Hannah Banana!

Hannah Banana told us we had to sing to help her blow up the balloon!


Goodbye party for Eli and some of our counselors who won’t be joining us next week. We made rice krispie treats with chocolate chips!!!

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Moon Bounce and Parachute Games!

Morning Gym time!


Moon Bounce! How high can you jump?!



Parachute Games…

Who’s that hiding under the parachute?



Obstacle Course!!!



Look how big this bubble is!

By |August 7, 2017|

Roarrrrr! Look at what we did today!


Making Lion faces!



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The Zoo Came to Us!

First we saw the skink animal who looked like a lizard

We all remembered to use gentle hands when we touched the animals

“Mustard” the turtle…

“Fluffy” the bearded dragon

We met “Nibblet” the snake who lives in corn fields…


Group shot with the turtle “ketchup”

Simcha Stars getting ready for the show!

Meeting “Salt” the leopard lizard

We also met “Salt’s” friend “Pepper”

Was “Fluffy” really fluffy?

Group shot with “Ketchup” and “Mustard”

Say Cheese!!!

By |August 3, 2017|

Animal Fun!



Pizza is our favorite!!!




Making a zoo filled with animals!


Playing with animals in their natural habitat…


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