Baking at Camp Cochavim!

Baking is so much fun!


What a hot day outside…


By |July 13, 2017|

Science Experiments at Camp Cochavim!

What happened when we mixed baking soda and vinegar…?



What happened when we put Mentos in Coke…?


Painting with frozen “paint-sicles”!



Say “cheese” if you like pizza!

By |July 12, 2017|

More Genius Gems Photos. Enjoy!!

On Monday, Genius Gems visited  us at The Iris Berman Early Childhood Center. Together we learned about geometry, engineering, andphysics…all with hundreds of our Magnetic Tiles and Robotic Cubelets!

Genius Gems is a STEM-based, magnetic tile playspace opening near us in Livingston, later this year. They are all about fostering creativity, imaginative play, and social connection to create a unique learning experience.


Here are more photos:



By |July 11, 2017|

Science Fun!

Bringing the beach to us!


Mixing Colors…


Making Magic Goo!


Smile 🙂


By |July 11, 2017|

Science Week, Here We Come!

Building robots!




By |July 10, 2017|

Baking Challah at Camp Cochavim!

Rainy Days are a blast in Camp Cochavim!


Making challah for Shabbat!



Our challah tastes so yummy! Shabbat Party fun!

By |July 7, 2017|

Pizza Wednesday at Camp Cochavim!

Pizza Wednesday! Yum!


Look who’s driving the car…



Relaxing in the shade…


Sensory play with shaving cream!






By |July 5, 2017|

Happy 4th of July from Camp Cochavim!

Fireworks painting! We used toilet paper rolls to paint the fireworks…


Fun in the sun!


Scrunch, dip and stick with tissue paper to make a big flag!



By |July 3, 2017|

Shabbat Shalom from Camp Cochavim!

Beep! Beep! Splash! Splash!

Toy Car Painting…



Cleaning a car with big sponges!


Shabbat Party!


Giving Tzedakah before we light the Shabbat candles


Just like Ima…


Just like Abba…


By |July 3, 2017|

Cars and Boats and Planes, Oh My! Transportation Week!

Vroom! Vroom! Racing down Camp Cochavim Way!



Happy Birthday to our friend Zachary!


Story Time…


Boat Race and Water Fun!



Lunch n’ Fun!




By |June 27, 2017|