Potato Borekas! Cooking club #3

The children love coming to cooking club! They come in saying, “We want to cook!” and “What are we making today?”

Today we made potato borekas. We began by peeling the cooked potatoes and mashing them up in a bowl. They were a bit tricky to mash with the spoon, so we put gloves on and did it with our hands! Of course, everyone also wanted to taste the potato. Yum!

Then we added eggs, oil, salt, and pepper. We remembered how to carefully crack the eggs – first tap it lightly against the side of the measuring cup. Then check if it cracked. If it didn’t, tap again. Then put your thumbs in the crack and gently pull it apart. They all did a really great job.

We mixed it up one more time, and then got our dough ready. We put a spoonful on one side of each square, folded the dough over, and pinched around the edges. When we did it in the middle by mistake, the filling squeezed out the sides a little. That’s okay! The other ones we made sure to only press the edges. The last step was to brush egg on top so they’ll be shiny when they’re baked, and put them in our pans.

And then we cleaned up of course! Many hands make light work!

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We made pizza! Cooking club #2

We made pizza this week! The children tried to guess what the dough was for. A lot of them thought it was for challah. The funny thing was, they already made challah today, so they knew it must be for something else. They got another hint – we were going to put cheese on it. “Pizza!” they said. They rolled, flattened, and stretched the dough until it was a big circle. Then they put it in their pans and stretched it more so it reached the edges.

Then we prepared the toppings. We had broccoli, mushrooms, yellow and orange peppers, and olives. The children each had a turn to carefully help chop the vegetables into little pieces. Everyone wanted to try them, so we taste tested each one. Some children asked for seconds and some didn’t really like one or two of them, but they all tried all of them! Isn’t that amazing? We talked about how great it is to try something even if you don’t think you like it, because maybe you’ll like it this time. That way, you can surprise yourself by finding a new enjoyable food, as we did today. One good way to try new foods is to help cook them – they’re a lot more exciting that way.

After that, we scooped and spread sauce and sprinkled cheese on top. Then the children chose their favorite toppings to put on their pizzas. Each one came out different and delicious. Then there were more requests to taste the vegetables, so we did. Vegetables are yummy!

When they were complete, the children helped clean the table before going home. That’s an important part of cooking too!

See you next […]

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Cooking Club!

We kicked off our new cooking club this week with pancake making. The children read the recipe, measured and poured the ingredients, and mixed the batter. They observed the differences between dry ingredients and wet ingredients and even cracked the eggs by themselves! They also chose toppings for their pancakes and sliced bananas for a snack while they waited for the pancakes to cook. They watched the pan carefully. When the pancakes got bubbly in the middle, we knew they were ready.

Then the children very politely used forks and knives to eat them. They were delicious!


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