Little Beginners

First days in the Little Beginners

We were so busy the first day of school, we met all our new friends, Morah’s and played in our classroom. We had fun dot painting playing in the kitchen and rolling and squeezing our play dough and lots of singing and books.

Snack was so yummy! Animal crackers and circle crackers.


Playing hide and seek together.


Bubble time fun! We loved popping and chasing after the bubbles.

Having fun playing in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

We had fun drawing with crayons.

Have a great Shabbat! We will see you next Tuesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Kerry

By |February 6, 2019|

Last Week in Little Beginners

We cannot believe how fast this year went! Though it was our last week, we still did a lot!

On Monday we experienced the attraction of magnets. We discovered that magnets connects to some things, but not to other things. We then went around the room trying to find something to stick our magnets to. We discovered that our chair legs are magnetic!


Magnets are really fun!!!

We were excited to take a tour of the shul upstairs. We had to be very quiet while we were walking through, because that is where people daven. The Little Beginners were fascinated to see where the Torah goes, and where Rabbi sits.

While outside, we had a big surprise! A GARBAGE TRUCK was passing by. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the garbage truck. It may have been the the highlight of the day.

On Wednesday we did all our favorite things one last time. We played with play-dough and trucks, davened, sang our favorite song ‘Head and Shoulders’, and played outside. We also had the chance to ride on these fun scooters!


Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to teach your children. It has been a pleasure to watch Ethan, Emily, Joshua, Jacob, Mazali and Shira thrive over the year. We hope they keep the things they learned with them forever.


Morah Deena & Morah Naama

By |June 6, 2018|

Short but Busy Week in Little Beginners

We hope everyone had a nice long weekend.

Though we only had one day this week, we accomplished a lot! On Wednesday we started on our Fathers Day presents, we won’t give away the full surprise, but the kids loved coloring the first part of it!!


After enjoying the outdoors, we went to our nature center, where we had the chance to play with the water table, and learn about different animals that live underwater. We even got to dig for ‘pearls!’ We also went to the automobile table, where we saw so many different types of trucks and cars!


Morah Deena & Morah Naama

By |June 4, 2018|

Sensory Week in Little Beginners

This week we focused on sensory, specifically our sense of ‘touch and feel’.

On Tuesday, we got a chance to paint with whipped cream! At first, we were confused as to what it was, but then one brave beginner tried it and assured everyone “it was yummy!” We discussed the feeling of the whipped cream on our fingers, and decided it was ‘fluffy’ and ‘tasted good’.

On Wednesday, we made our own squishy play mat that we got to take home!

By mixing hair gel and glitter, we created a toy so mushy and so fun to play with! Each Beginner personalized their own mat with stickers of their choice. They loved how it felt, and thought it smelled good too.


On Thursday, we enjoyed this beautiful day by playing outside. When we were outside, we saw a baby pool filled with soapy water. We looked inside and found that there were bubbles!

We had a jam-packed week! And we learned a lot about how different things feel.


Have a great Memorial Weekend. See you Wednesday!


Morah Deena & Morah Naama

By |May 24, 2018|

Getting Ready for Shavuot in Little Beginners

This week we were focused on Shavuot, the holiday when we got the Torah. We love our little Torah that we daven with every day.

When we got to school on Monday, we were surprised to see different colored water! What were we doing?! We were dying coffee liners to make them our flowers for our Har Sinai napkin holders. It was so cool to see the white liners turn red, yellow, green and purple! When it dried, we glued our flowers onto our mountain. We just love how they came out and can’t wait to use them to decorate our holiday table!


While we were playing with the cars and bikes, we also had a chance to explore pieces of a tree. The kids were fascinated by the little tree ‘cookies’ that smelled so good! Did you know that the two long holders which the Torah scroll is wrapped around come from a tree?

On Wednesday, we made cheesecake!

We all took turns crushing the graham crackers, adding the ingredients, and mixing the batter! During snack time we got to try our cake, and it was delicious!


We celebrated a very special day- it was Shira’s birthday party!! Shira’s mommy came to school with her older brother, Adam. Shira gave out instruments to all her friends, and we had a marching band around the classroom singing happy birthday to Shira! After Shira’s mother read us a story, and then we had cupcakes!

What a great day! Happy Birthday Shira!!

Have a great weekend!! Remember- there is no school Monday, but we will have school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!! See you then!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama


By |May 17, 2018|

Getting Ready for Mother’s Day in Little Beginners

It has been a great week for the Little Beginners!

We started off by making on of our favorite things- a yellow school bus!! It was hard work stuffing the tissue paper into our water bottles buses, but we all were able to do it and were so happy to have our very own bus when we were done.

On Wednesday we made a special present for our special mothers. We made flowers with each of the kids faces on it. We then asked each child to give an answer to the sentence “I love it when my mommy”… We got some really sweet answers, and we wrote their responses on the leafs of the flowers. We hope you enjoy these beautiful picture frames that your children worked so hard on!

We also began learning about Shavuot. We learned some Shavuot songs, like “Hashem gave us a present” and “I am a mountain so very tall”… We learnt that Shavuot is the holiday were we celebrate getting the Torah. We love our little Torah.



Of course, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to play outside in this beautiful weather!

Another great week in Little Beginners. Can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |May 10, 2018|

Buses and Bonfires in Little Beginners

Since our favorite book is The Wheels on the Bus (we ask our Morahs to read it everyday!) we decided to make our own bus! First, we all sang the song “the wheels on the bus go round and round” while doing all the proper motions. Then we each chose our favorite colored sticker and made a smiley face on them, and then we attached it to a Popsicle stick. These sticks are our people on the bus. Next week we will be making our very own buses. We can not wait!


We also had a chance to play outside, as well as with the cars and bikes (and playdough too!).


On Wednesday we learned about Lag B’omer, which is coming up on Thursday. We each had a chance to rip shiny paper and glue them to our sticks to make our own bonfire.

We are really loving this nice weather!


Another great week in Little Beginners. Hope to see you all on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |May 2, 2018|

Learning about Caterpillars in Little Beginners

This week we focused on the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

On Monday, during circle time, Morah Deena read us The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We all sat and listened with great interest as we learnt how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly! We even had special visitors come to our classroom, can you guess what they were?  Caterpillars! We were all so excited to see the caterpillars, and the food they will eat to get big. We can’t wait to watch them get bigger and bigger and eventually turn into butterflies!         

In the mean time, we created our own caterpillars by folding and taping construction paper together to create a chain. Then we added little antenna’s and googly eyes!


We took advantage of the beautiful day on Monday and spent time outside. We really love going down the slide, and popping the bubbles.


On Wednesday we continued learning about the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly,  now we focused on butterflies! We had fun dot painting coffee filters and sticking our finished project in between clothespins. Now we have a caterpillar and butterfly to take home!

We had a great, busy week in Littler Beginners. Can’t wait to see everyone on Monday. Have a great weekend!


Morah Deena a and Morah Naama

By |April 27, 2018|

Israeli Flags and Playgrounds in Little Beginners

It was finally nice out today! We took advantage of this beautiful day and went outside to play. We had so much fun at the playground.


When we came back inside, we finished working on our Israeli flags. We began by gluing  blue stripes onto the top and bottom of our flag, we then colored our poles. We enjoyed waving our flag around the classroom.


What better way to end off the day then playing together with our favorite toys!


The Little Beginners had a great week! We can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!! Have a nice weekend

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |April 19, 2018|

We Made Israeli Salad in Little Begginers

The first thing anyone said when they  came into our classroom on Monday was “mmm it smells good!” Well that is because we were making Israeli salad! all the children took turns adding spices, oil and vinegar into our salad. We then all mixed it together and ate it during snack time. Boy was it yummy!


We also began working on our Israeli Flag. We started by picking out our favorite paint brush. We then painted a blue Magen David Star onto our flag. We will be finishing up the flags on Wednesday.

We also had time to play, and listen to books that Morah Naama read.

We had a great day!! See you all on Wednesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |April 17, 2018|