Little Beginners

We Built the Kotel! In Little Beginners

With Israels 70th Birthday coming up, we began teaching the talmidim about Israel. All the little beginners were curious to know why there were big brown boxes with leaves in our room. After circle time, we told them we were going to build the Kotel. We explained to them that the Kotel was a big wall in Jerusalem where the Beit Hamikdash used to be, and now people go there to pray. While they may not have totally understood what we were saying, they all had fun building the kotel. We even wrote letters to Hashem and stuck them onto our Kotel!


Today, Morah Music (Jill) came to our school. We all enjoyed her funny songs, marching around in circles and shaking our tambourines.



We can’t wait to see everyone on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |April 12, 2018|

Colors and Flowers in Little Beginners

We hope everyone had a wonderful Pesach, and enjoyed the beautiful projects your children made.

It is so good to be back in school! We are all hoping for spring weather to come soon, and the Little Beginners are preparing for when it does! Today we learned about flowers, we learned how and when flowers grow. We then made our own flowers by gluing petals onto circles. While working on this project, we reviewed our colors by naming the different color flowers we were making. They did a great job naming each color, and they loved using the glue sticks!


During snack, we were so lucky to have Morah Selene read us stories. We all sang “The Wheels on the Bus” as we ate our Cheerios. We also had fun playing with the bikes and playdough. We can’t wait to come back to school on Wednesday!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |April 10, 2018|

Ready for Pesach in Little Beginners

Today we were busy finishing up all our Pesach projects. We were so excited to make our own afikomen bags. We were very good at neatly putting glue on the matzah cutouts and pasting them onto our bags.


During our ‘seder’ Morah Naama showed us how we break the middle matza in half and put the bigger piece into our afikomen bag to hide. She even hid an afikomen and we had to search around the room to find it.After playing with the bikes and balls, we sang our Pesach songs one more time, and then it was time to say goodbye until after Pesach.


We hope you all enjoy the beautiful projects your children worked so hard on.

Have a Chag Kasher V’sameach!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama


By |March 30, 2018|

Making Matza Covers in Little Beginners

It was so nice to be back after being away for so long! We had so much to do today to get ready for Pesach.

We started off the day by making our very own matza covers. We used puff painted to trace a stencil with the hebrew word ‘matza’ on it. Each cover came out so pretty and the Little Beginners can not wait to bring them home!

After making the matza covers, we had a mock seder to prepare the children for Friday night. We learned about all the special food that goes on the seder plate, and sang the order of the seder starting from ‘Kadesh’. We also sang the Ma nishtana, we even poured four cups of ‘wine’ and broke the afikomen into two!

Each Little Beginner is learning to interact with each other. They are becoming excellent at sharing at taking turns with the toys. We are so proud of them!


Can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |March 27, 2018|

Making Frogs In Little Beginners

We continued learning about the 10 makot. After watching the water turn red for makah dam, we started learning about  the frog makah. We are now experts on all things frogs, we know what color they are, and what sound they make. We even began creating our own! The kids loved dot painting their froggies green, and opening and closing their froggies mouths’.


After working on our frogs, we enjoyed playing on the bikes and with the baby dolls, as well as with the rice table.





We will miss everyone on Monday, can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |March 15, 2018|

We Turned our Water Red!! In Little Beginners

We were so happy to be back in school after the snow storm last week. When we got to school today we noticed a big surprise, the chicks hatched! We all took turns gently petting the chicks.


Back inside our classroom, we continued learning about Pesach. We finished up with our “Moshe in the Basket” project, and started learning about the 10 plagues, we even counted to 10 on our hands! In light of the first plague, when God turned the water into blood, we decided to turn our own water red too. We created an experiment chart and our morahs asked us ‘what do you think will happen when we put red food coloring into the water’? We got some pretty creative answers! We then tested out the experiment, and were amazed to see the water turn red! We began learning about plague number 2, the frogs, by discussing “what sound a frog makes” and singing the ‘frog’s here, frogs there’ songs.

We further explored with water at our water table.

We also explored with light. Our morahs brought us to the projector where we were able to put or hands and other items on the projector and watch them be displayed on the wall.

Today we began learning how to use scissors. With our morahs help we carefully cut paper.

Can’t wait to see everyone again on Wednesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |March 12, 2018|

Exploring in The Little Beginners

We hope everyone had a great Purim! We are now on to preparing for Pesach.

Today we learned about Moshe in the basket. To help visualize what we learned, we started working on a project by coloring baby Moshe and painting our ‘basket’.

After racing around on our cars and bikes, we went to go visit the chicken eggs- we are still waiting for them to hatch, but it was cool to see the eggs. On our way back to our classroom, we stopped at the ‘Exploration Room’. We were shocked to see how big the teddy bears there are (and how soft they are to lay on). We also enjoyed playing with the magnets in the room. We really didn’t want to leave.



We can’t wait for another great day on Wednesday!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |March 5, 2018|

Music Class and More in Little Beginners

Purim is just 2 days away, and we are getting very excited! We finished up our graggers today by adding stickers to our painted bottles. 

During circle time we also had the chance to play with graggers. We really enjoy spinning the graggers and making loud noises! Aside from singing Purim songs, we also sang our all time favorite ‘Head and Shoulders’.


Next, we had the opportunity to join the Sunflowers class and a very special guest- the Music Lady, Morah Jill! We all clapped our hands and marched around as she played her guitar and sang Purim songs. We were having so much fun, we didn’t want her to leave!

On our way to the park, we stopped in our Nature Center room to see the newest edition to the school- baby chick eggs! We hope to be there to see these eggs hatch. Outside, we enjoyed the fresh air and took a nature walk around the park, we saw some flowers and baby trees.

It was quite the eventful day in Little Beginners, and we cannot wait to see what Wednesday will bring.


Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |February 28, 2018|

Making Graggers -In Little Beginners

Though the week was short, we still accomplished a lot!

On Wednesday we began working on our graggers for Purim. We really enjoyed shaking our water bottles filled with beans and making all different kinds of loud noises. It was a lot of fun painting the bottles as well. We are really looking forward to shaking our graggers when we hear Haman’s name on Purim.

During circle time, Morah Naama read us The Wheels on the Bus, we kept asking her to read it again and again, and by the 3rd time, we were doing the hand motions and singing along! While playing in our indoor gym, our Morahs brought out a giant parachute and small, soft balls. We all took turns throwing the balls onto the parachute and watching it fly up and down.


We can’t wait to return to school on Monday! Have a great weekend!

By |February 22, 2018|

Pictures and Parks in Little Beginners

What a day! All the girls looked so pretty, and the boys so handsome, as the came in for picture day! After posing and smiling and taking our class picture, we got back to our normal day of fun. We started off by finishing up our Purim masks. Oh, how fun it was to glue on pompoms.


During circle time, Morah Deena gave us another puppet show! We loved learning about Purim and singing Purim songs. We also got a chance to kiss and hug the Torah. Our Little Beginners are becoming familiar with our circle time songs, their favorite so far is “Head and Shoulders”.

Since today was so warm, we had the chance to play outside. We held hands so nicely as we made our way to the park. The Little Beginners had a blast climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slide.


Another great week in Little Beginners. We can’t wait to see everyone on Wednesday!

Happy Presidents’ Day!!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

By |February 14, 2018|