Creation Is a Work in Progress — Gan Parparim (Toddlers)

Our Creation adventure continued as we came to Day 2. We went outside to look up at the blue sky and also saw some white clouds.  Armed with blue paint and shaving cream, the children created their own version of the second day. We had assumed the children would love the feel of the shaving cream and the opportunity to spread it with their hands; actually it was quite the opposite — most of the children preferred to use paintbrushes — except when they were cleaning the table!

And, as the week came to a close, we Morahs realized that with 2 year olds, Creation lasts much longer than 7 days. The subject is so rich and the children so receptive that we have decided to follow the children’s interest and see where it goes. Noach and his Ark full of animals, however, will make an appearance next week.

The school has many excellent  play spaces. This week we changed it up a bit and sectioned off a safe area in the parking lot, which we filled with chalk, bubbles, balls, and a basketball hoop. Tree stump walking was a fun way to practice balance and promote self esteem. On rainy days we enjoyed getting our energy out as we rode bikes in the indoor play space.

The end of this first full week of school also saw the introduction of several new table toys. They provided practice in eye-hand coordination, design, and naming colors, whether used individually or in groups of two or three. These  activities will be an integral part of the school year.

On the 7th Day, Hashem rested. David and Elisheva were Shabbat Ema and […]

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We Love Preschool–Gan Parparim (aka Toddlers)

The first few days of school have been filled with discoveries. A new classroom and toys to explore, new and old friends to play with, books to read. Playing in the kitchen is a big hit, especially with the real-life bowls and utensils. All of the children love to set the table, share “food” with their friends, and offer us Morahs delicious creations they have made. The children also love building towers with the Legos (and laughing when they fall down). They are constantly using their imaginations, dreaming up ways to using the furniture as play spaces. Mazali loves lining up the animals on top of the cubbies and Ethan loves cooking in the kitchen.

They are very busy!


It has also been a time to explore the outdoor play areas. The children are testing out their climbing skills on the jungle gym in the playground and learning how quickly they can slide down the slides. Elisheva and Dovid like holding a Morah’s hand when they slide down. The outdoor classroom was a revelation–so much to do. Wash the kitchen with sponges, blow bubbles, test drive the cars lined along the fence and, of course, dig in the dirt – a great sensory experience and David’s favorite.

The best art is messy! Look at these hands! A great experience in the feel of paint; was it cold or hot, was it hard or squishy, and what beautiful creations can we make? On Thursday we moved into the Art Room to create a card welcoming David’s new baby sister. A heartfelt Mazal Tov to the whole family. This time, the children stood as they painted so they were able to get a different perspective. Elisheva and Daniela had […]

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