We are such busy bees! in the Sunflowers

We are continuing our fascination with honey! We loved tasting it, dipping with it, and just feeling it so we decided to learn more about where honey comes from. Honey bees fly around to look for flowers. When they find them, the bees return to their hive and “tell” the other bees where the flowers are. The bees actually “talk” to each other by doing a little dance. They tell the other bees where the flowers are! Then many bees leave the hive to land on the flowers to suck nectar from them. Once they suck the nectar, they return to the hive to make honey. A hive can have one thousand bees living in it. The queen bee is in charge of all the worker bees. She is the biggest bee. We showed the yeladim many pictures of real hives and they searched and searched to find out which one was the Queen bee!
We listened to Flight of the Bumble Bee in class. We pretended to be bees and flew around to search for flowers. Once we saw the flowers, we went back to he hive to do our little dance o tell all the bees where the flowers are! 

Inside the hive, there are many holes. They are called cells. That is where the bees make their honey. Off to the art studio we went to start making our bees. We painted sticks yellow. Then added black stripes.  We will add wings, a head and eyes and our bee will be complete. Our “hive” in the kitah is under our tree. The yeladim glued on special paper that had small holes in it that actually looked like cells! It is just waiting for our […]

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Our bellies were very full today! in the Sunflowers

We continued discussing apples in the kitah, so it was time to start tasting them. The yeladim wanted to taste the yellow apples first. “Yummy”, they said. Then they wanted to taste the green apples. They noticed that the green apple was a lot harder to bite into. Last but not least, the red apples were eaten. ” It’s sweet! ” they yelled. It was so interesting to see how the yeladim reacted to the taste and texture each apple. The really observed the taste and texture.

After the apple tasting, we wanted to find out which apples were each child’s favorite. A chart was made and put  in the middle of the carpet. Each child was called upon to pick the color apple that they felt tasted the best. Red, yellow and green paper apples were in three piles in the middle of the carpet. They picked the paper apple that they liked the best. They then put glue on their paper apples with a glue stick and placed the paper apple in the matching color column. We looked closely at the columns of apples. We counted the number of apples in each column. We looked carefully to see which color apple had the most votes. Guess what!! We had a tie! Four yeladim loved the green apples and four yeladim loved the red. Three loved the green. We had so much fun doing this activity!

In the afternoon, the yeladim asked if we could dip apples in honey. Why not? So the yeladim first dipped their fingers in the honey. “Mmmmmmmm”, was all that we heard. “Is the honey sweet or salty?”, we asked. They thought about it. “Lets taste something else.”, we said. […]

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We Love Reading! at IBECC

Reading aloud with children is important. Begin exposed to reading gives children specific advantages such as basic speech skills, better communication skills, and logical thinking skills, in addition to building a stronger relationship between parent/teacher and the child.

​ Reading together gives both participants the opportunity to share with each other new worlds and experiences, chances to question and wonder together.

All the children enjoyed creating their own Book Swap Market. They brought gently used books into school from their own libraries, sorted the books into categories and then had the chance to “purchase” new books to bring home. The children really enjoyed each stage, from the set up and sorting to taking turns with the cash register and paying. What a great way to love literacy with a dash of math!


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Thank you, Firefighters!! from the Sunflowers

We had such a great time at the fire station.  It was so exciting to see where the fire fighters stay before they have to go on the truck. We loved looking the the trucks and we were able to walk around them and touch them.We gave them the cookies that we made, and they were so happy to receive them.


In this week’s Parsha Vayetzei, Yaacov felt that he needed to run away. He was very scared that his brother Aisav was going to hurt him. So he found a place to rest after walking such a long time. He put stones under his head, and fell asleep. While he was sleeping, he had a dream. A ladder was going all the way up to the Shamayim and melachim (angels) were going up and down the ladder. We actually brought a ladder into the kitah. The yeladim looked at it and realized that you can only go up and down a ladder. We practiced making a ladder with popsicle sticks on the table. Two vertical and then three horizontal. They then glued it on the construction paper. Yaacov was  added and then we stuck moon and stars in the Shamayim.

We explained to the yeladim that we do not know what angels look like. So the pom poms on the white paper represent those melachim. Next week we will see what happens if Aisav comes to see Yaacov!

Shabbat Shalom!!

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The “Gift” of Giving. In the Sunflowers

Since Thanksgiving, we have discussed how important it is to say “thank you” to the people around you; people that help us everyday but sometimes we don’t see them everyday. Tomorrow morning we are so excited to go to the fire station in Livingston. We will say “thank you” to the many firefighters that help  people who might be in trouble in their homes.

But we don’t want to go empty handed. We want the firefighters to remember us after we leave and to feel good! So we baked them some yummy cookies and the Butterfly class baked some yummy carrot cake.

We rolled out our sugar cookie dough and cut the dough with pretty Chanukah cookie cutters!  We sprinkled our cookies with silver, gold and white sprinkles. The yeladim were so excited to give their cookies to the fire station.



We decided to decorate the plates that we are putting the cookies on. Chanukah sponges were used to decorate the plates. We will wrap the cookies up and they will be good to go! What an amazing opportunity for the yeladim to do this special mitzvah!


More great moments!!


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Chanukah is around the corner! in the Sunflowers Class

We started learning the story of Chanukah during our circle time; how king Antiochus and the Greeks did not want the Yehudim to daven to their  Hashem. Yehudah the Maccabee and his army fought the Greeks and they won. When the Greeks left, the Yehudim went into the Beit Hamikdash and the inside of the building was destroyed. The Menorah was still inside, but there was only enough oil to light a flame for one day. So they lit it. But a great Nes (miracle ) happened. The flame lasted for eight days! That is why we light our Chanukah Menorah for eight nights.


We have so many wonderful items to prepare for our Chanukah celebrations. Lots of hands on tactile experiences! We began creating a beautiful candle holder out of paper mache. The yeladim mixed flour, water and glue. Then we dipped paper towel in that mixture and wrapped the towel around boxes. Once this dries we will be able to paint the box!

We began creating our gorgeous drip trays that will be placed under our Chanukiot. First we put everything we will use on the table and took a look at the items. We looked at each component and placed them on the lucite base. We moved them around here and there so we could decide how we liked it. Great masterpieces take planning! We did not paint or glue anything on at first. We just placed items here and there to decide if we liked how it looked.

Another day we painted the lucite base. over the next few days we will come back to the trays and put the rest of it together just the way we like. Wait until you see how […]

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I have a little Dreidel by the Sunflower Class

We have brought another element of Chanukah into our kitah. Candles. We passed around the candles during circle time. The yeladim told us that we light candles right before Shabbos. “What other times do we light candles?” we asked.  They thought about it and then answered on birthdays, Havdalah and Chanukah, to name a few. Even though we have not yet shared the story of Chanukah, all week we have been experiencing the main ingredients that make up this special holiday, Oil and Candles.

The yeladim were given the opportunity to color on white paper with their candles. Color with candles? They are colorful, after all. We offered them to draw with the candles like crayons. They made designs on their paper but they could not see them! How do we see them? We took water color paints and painted on the paper and then we saw the designs the children had made. We came to the conclusion that wax and water do not mix. Just like oil and water!!



After we finished benching, suddenly one of the children began singing, “I have a little dreidel.” And while he was singing he suddenly said, “You know, I have that song at home.” We began singing it again. Then he realized the line-“I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay.” And all of a sudden the children’s eyes opened wide! “Hey wait!” he said. We have clay! “Dreidel from clay!!!!” All of the children got excited.

“We can make a dreidel out of clay!!”

So he went over to the clay box and said, “Look!”

So we all took the clay to the table and we all played with the clay and made dreidels.


While […]

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It’s never too oily to start Chanukah! In the Sunflowers

Chanukah is a month away but we started to experience some of the things relating to Chanukah this week in our kitah. The main ingredient to the Chanukah story is oil. We took the time to use our senses and get to know oil a little better.The first thing we did was to fill a test tube with canola oil and we looked at it. Was it opaque or translucent? We could see through the tube so it is translucent.

Next we asked what did it smell like? Here are some answers:

Tal  ” it smells like water.”

Eli ” it smells like flowers.”

Effie ” it smells like nothing.”

Anna ” it smells like nothing.”

Noam ” it smells like chicken nuggets.”

Mae “it smells like nothing.”

Then we all had a chance to touch the oil. it felt very “slippery” on our hands. And we could only see it because it was shiny and had no color.


We filled a second tube with water and placed it next to the tube with oil. The children felt they looked the “same.” We added water to our oil and noticed that the water stayed on the bottom and that the oil was on top. Even though we shook the test tube very well, the oil still was on the top. Oil and water ” don’t mix very well.” But we did notice that when they were shaken together we could not see as clearly through them.


Then we really started to have fun with the oil. We painted with the oil on colored construction paper. The yeladim noticed that the paper had no color on it even though it was being painted! It just looked wet!! We the added food coloring to the oil and painted […]

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The Sunflowers Honor Sarah Imeinu

The Midrash (Bereishit Rabbah and Rashi commenting on Bereishit 24:67) tells us that the Shabbat lamps lit each week by Sarah Imeinu continued to burn from Erev Shabbat to Erev Shabbat, and her home was full of blessings. Sarah was known to honor Shabbat. We are sure she cooked the most special meals to honor this special day from Hashem. She must have chosen the most special grains and beans and vegetables as a way to teach those around her this special mitzva. We remember Sarah now and find ways to make Shabbat special, too. This week we decided to take some special beans and grains to make a Shabbat candlestick. We wish our Shabbat candles would be as bright as Sarah Imeinu.

Also in this week’s Parsha we find that Yitzchak, Avraham’s son, is grown up.  Avraham wants to find a wife for him and wants the girl to be kind, caring and a good person.  He chooses his trustworthy servant Eliezer to go to Charan to find the right wife for Yitzchak.  Eliezer takes camels and gifts. He davens to Hashem to help him figure out a way to find a girl who has a kind heart and will be hospitable like Avraham and Sarah.   Eliezer decides to stop at a well where he knows girls come to fill up their pitchers with water.   He decides that if he meets a girl who offers water to him and his camels then this would be a sign that she is kind and would be the right girl for Yitzchak.  He prays to Hashem to help him.  Rivka is that girl.   She not only gives Eliezer water but she runs back and forth filling up her pitcher to give […]

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Thankful Sunflowers

When we spoke about the holiday of Thanksgiving, we talked about the name given to the holiday. The children kept repeating the name over and over, faster and slower. They began to hear it as two words, thanks and giving. That was interesting. We asked why the holiday would be called that. Who was thankful and for what? The Pilgrims wanted to thank the Native Americans for teaching them how to plant food and how to live in the cold winters in America. So the Pilgrims made a feast to say thank you. In our circle time we talked about what we have in our lives that makes us say thank you. Anna is thankful for her baby, Sammy. Eli is thankful for his drawing pens. Effie is thankful for his new big bike. Mae is thankful for her bed. Noam is thankful for his Abba and Ima. Tal is thankful for his superhero toys.

We wrote what the yeladim answered on foam leaves. They then decorated their leaves with the corn kernels that we dyed last week. We hung our leaves on our “Thankful tree”, and it looks so nice in the room. We always have to be thankful for what we have.

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