Pumpkin Spice is Oh So Nice in the Sunflowers

We thoroughly enjoyed looking at and feeling all the different types of vegetables that we brought into our kitah. We did notice that none of them had a very strong smell from the outside before they were cut, but they felt very heavy. The yeladim picked up each type of squash and the other vegetables. They felt their different weights. They realized that the pumpkin was the heaviest. When we cut open the vegetables we compared their flesh and seeds. The children observed again that the pumpkin had the biggest seeds.

So now we saw the inside of a pumpkin. We noticed its orange colored flesh. We even baked it and tasted it. It was not too sweet.

The children remembered how we made Pomegranate Play Dough back at Rosh Hashanah time. We decided to make Pumpkin Play Dough for Thanksgiving!!
Our recipe called for canned pumpkin to make our special Pumpkin Spice Play Dough. When we opened the canned pumpkin, we compared what the canned pumpkin looked like to what the real pumpkin looked like. That was interesting. The yeladim loved taking the pumpkin in their hands and squishing it!! They loved mixing the playdough with their hands as well. We counted and measured all the ingredients.

It feels so smooth and cool when we play with it! We love playing with it every day.

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Parshat V’yeira with the Sunflowers

In this week’s Parsha, V’yeira, Avraham sat in his tent and always loved to welcome guests. What a special mitzvah this is. The mitzvah of hachnasat orchim. One hot and sunny day in the desert, three people came to visit Avraham. But they were not just any three people. They were angels sent from Hashem to tell Avraham some very special news; that his wife Sarah was going to have a baby. Sarah was 90 years old, too old to have a baby. She could not believe it, so she laughed when she heard the news! That is why she named her baby boy Yitzchak. Yitzchak means “to laugh” in Hebrew.
The yeladim had the opportunity to be “angels” themselves. They walked in sand pretending to be on their way to meet Avraham in his tent. They took of their shoes, rolled up their pants and enjoyed feeling the sand on their feet.

After that, they walked on a long piece of paper with brown paint and made footprints all over the paper.

We expanded our conversation about hachnasat orchim, welcoming guests. We spoke about how sometimes on Shabbos our families invite people over for lunch. We made a special sign with footprints on it. We added the words, Bruchim Habaim. Now you can show everyone that your home always welcomes visitors.

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Introducing the IBECC Sunflower Players!

The yeladim love learning the story of Thanksgiving. We love singing all our Thanksgiving songs and telling the story using the felt board. But our favorite part is acting out the story on the stage. Role playing gives each child the opportunity to try on different personalities in a safe way. Some children are naturally cautious and quieter; some are innately strong and more comfortable “strutting their stuff”. Taking on the personality of different types of people helps children to understand different viewpoints and opinions. This is the beginning of so many important skills including being empathic, socially aware, and even debating opinions.

The yeladim in our class were each given a different part in the play; the king of England, the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. It was so great to see how each child played their role so seriously. And they didn’t want to stop at one show!! They enjoyed reenacting the story in so many different ways in so many areas of our school; from the exploration room to our classroom and even the indoor playroom. All this repetition brought out different aspects, encouraging the children to keep thinking of the why and the how, giving them the opportunity to delve into the story even deeper.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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That’s Also a Squash? Be Safe When you Travel. With the Sunflowers

In our research about Native Americans we noted that they used the things they found in their environment for all their needs. Through looking at pictures of Native Americans we noticed that they used the skins of animals for very many things including blankets, clothing and even to build their homes. We brought into our classroom different fabrics with patterns of the different animals. During circle time the yeladim were able to examine, feel and compare the different textures and skin patterns that different animals have.

We continued our discussion of how the Native Americans dyed their clothes. Earlier in the week we took the corn kernels and separated them into different bags. We added a different color of food coloring to each bag and mixed the color and the kernels together. We let them sit for a few days and waited to see what would happen. At the end of the week we took out our kernels to look at. Our corn kernels that we dyed with food coloring looked so different than what they looked like before we added the food coloring!

Our exploration about using color to dye things was not over. We really wanted to feel what it was like to live at the time of the Native Americans and Pilgrims. Morah Rachelle explained that since there were no stores to buy certain items, the Native Americans had to use what they had; very often it was different plants, vegetables and fruits. The Native Americans honored the land by using as much as they could of what would grow. So we thought about the colors we knew and brainstormed together what foods we knew of that could be used […]

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We voted!!! And more with the Sunflowers!!

We are preparing for Thanksgiving! The Butterflies joined us and together we learned the story of the Pilgrims and how they left England because the king at that time did not let them Daven to their Hashem. So they left on a big ship called the Mayflower. The Pilgrims met the Native Americans when they arrived in America. We all agreed that all of us live in America. They arrived in the town of Plymouth, and they did not know anything about life in this new place. There were no stores to buy clothing or food, there were no homes yet built for them. They only saw the longhouses and tents in which the Native Americans lived. The Native Americans were so kind and taught the Pilgrims many things.


The Native Americans showed the Pilgrims the many foods that the Native Americans ate. So they taught the pilgrims how to grow all the food that was available to them. Some of those foods were corn, pumpkin and squash. One of the first things that the Native Americans taught the pilgrims was to plant corn. In our kitah we had a box full of raw corn kernels and the yeladim loved feeling, scooping and measuring the corn kernels with measuring spoons. We added our wooden letters as well and the children had a great time calling out the letters they knew as they found them within the corn kernels.

The Native Americans did things very different than the way Pilgrims did them back home. For example, there were no malls at that time, so the Native Americans used animal skins for their clothes. They taught the Pilgrims to weave their own clothing. We learned how to weave in […]

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The IBECC Tayva

What are all these animals doing in our school? Well, since this week’s Parsha is Noach, we now understand what is going on. We spoke about how Hashem told Noach to build a tayva, an ark. Why? The people in the world were not being so nice to each other. One child in our class yelled out, “Just like Ninveh!” Hashem told Noach that He was going to send a big mabul (flood) to the entire world. It will rain for forty days and forty nights.

So Noah built the tayva. It was very big, with three levels. Just like our school! The bottom level was for storing things and waste. The middle level was where all the animals lived, and the top level was where Noach and his family lived. Hashem told Noach the animals should go into the ark two by two. Noach listened and by the time everyone got into the tayva it started to rain. And rain it did. When it stopped raining, Noach poked his head out of the window and sent a dove to see if there was dry land. The dove came back with a branch in its mouth. He waited a couple more days and he got out of the tayva. When the mabul was over Hashem sent a rainbow. That was a message to the world that he would never bring a flood again.

We turned our whole building into an ark!! The yeladim brought up all the plastic animals from the kitah and we went to the Second level of our “tayva” and they had the opportunity to sort the animals and find two animals of the same kind. They did a great job.


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Fall Fun with the Sunflowers

We are really enjoying the season of fall. We can see it. We can feel it. We can even smell it!! We are really exploring our environment outdoors and enjoy bringing our findings inside.

Our felt board was in use when we sang the song “Mr. squirrel has a secret”. We wonder what his secret is. Through our research together the yeladim learned that in the fall some animals get ready for the winter by gathering their food. Acorns fall from a very special tree called an oak tree. The squirrels gather them and hide them for the winter.

We love to watch the squirrels gathering all the acorns. We even try to leave them some!!

We had a huge bag of acorns and we poured them on the carpet. We felt them and we all agreed they were very hard. We love to count our acorns but we also love to get a bit more creative, too.  We decided to paint with the acorns as well. We used a cardboard box and chose fall colors. We placed a piece of paper in the box and added the colors. Next the yeladim counted out ten acorns to put in the box. Then the yeladim shook the box! It was so much fun to see all the colors mixing together.

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit


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Fire Safety at IBECC

The month of October was Fire Prevention Month. But did you know that we here at IBECC discuss Fire Safety on a regular basis? When school began way back in September we talked about how to keep ourselves and our families safe. We noted that sometimes we need to stay indoors to be safe, like in stormy weather, and sometimes we need to go outdoors to be safe. Like for a fire in the oven.

In the first week of school we all went outside together to the grass between the shul and the playground. This is our Safety Spot. Whenever we need to leave the building this is where we go to listen to the directions. But we don’t go up our regular staircase. We know that we go up a very special outside staircase of the building right away. But how do we know when to leave the building? Well, that day when we were outside, Morah Rachelle explained to us that we will hear a special alarm and that when we hear it we go outside by way of the outdoor staircase. We wanted to hear it but some children don’t like loud noises. Mr. George made the fire alarm go off while we were outside. It didn’t seem so loud. Then we began walking into the school to our classrooms. AS we got closer it got a little louder but we weren’t afraid because it was gradual. All the children were comfortable with this process. Mr. George shut the alarm when we were all safe in our classrooms. The next week the Morahs told us the alarm would go off and that we would go outside. When the alarm rang, we […]

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Hashem Created the World So fine! with the Sunflowers

Last week, if you recall, we began an exploration of light and darkness. We went into a dark room and experimented with how lights brighten up the darkness. This week we continued our amazing revelation of the beginning of the world. We shared with the yeladim that this week’s parsha is called Beraisheet. It is the first portion that we read in the Torah since we completed reading the Torah a few days ago.

This week we asked the question, “How was the world made?” We actually went to another dark room to illustrate to the yeladim again the darkness that was in the world before Hashem created light on the first day. Together we sat in the room for a couple of minutes and we asked the yeladim, “How does the dark make you feel?”
Tal said, “I feel myself.”

Effie said, “It’s hard to see.”

Noam said, “I see my hand’s shadow.”

Mae said, “It makes me tired.”

Eli said, “I can feel the floor.”

Anna said, “The dark makes me feel happy.”

Wow! The children were really able to express how the dark made them feel and what they were able to feel with their bodies. We then the lights were turned on! It was so bright just how Hashem made light!
On the Second day Hashem made the sky and the water. The Shamayim and the Mayim. The class went outside to look at the sky. “What do you see in the sky?” we asked.

Noam said, “I see the shemesh.”

Effie said, “I see a bird.”

Tal said, “I see the sun.”

Mae said, “I see a moon”

Eli said, “I see clouds.”

Anna said, “I see the trees in the sky.”

Off to the Plexiglas wall in the Art Studio we went! The yeladim painted […]

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So Many Mitzvot, So Little Time, with the Sunflowers

We hope everyone enjoyed eating in their Sukkot, and that your meals were enhanced by the beautiful decoration your child made. We had so many chances these last few days to experience so many different types of Mitzvot. Thanks to a donation from a shule member we had our very own IBECC Lulav and Etrog!! Each day we were able to make the bracha on them in the Sukkah. And the best part? Smelling the Etrog!!

We loved being in the Sukkah so much that we decided to make a Sukkah we could say a bracha over and eat!!! That was a Yummy mitzva!

A very important way to do a mitzva is to make someone happy. And boy did we have fun doing that for one of our friends! We baked a cake for Noam for his birthday. We counted and measured each ingredient as we put it in the bowl. It was especially fun to count how many eggs we needed to crack. An interesting thing happened. We could not find the measuring cup to hold a full cup of water, so we learned that if we fill TWO half cups, that makes a full cup. We especially enjoyed doing the mitzva of Hachnasat Orchim when we welcomed Noam’s family including his Saba and Savta from Israel.

One morning we had to do the mitzvah of Hachnasat  Orchim again as the pre-k from Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy came to visit us in our Sukkah. It was so exciting to see former yeladim that came to visit us at the Iris Berman Early Childhood Center!  We sang wonderful, fun songs and shared a delicious treat. It was sad when we had to say […]

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