“OH I WISH I WAS A DOGGY WITH A BONE” in the Sunflowers

The children are enjoying the addition of learning songs that go with the letters in the alphabet, which will help with letter recognition during circle time.  This week we are learning the letters C and D. Each week we will be adding one or two new letters.  We will also be adding songs to help the children strengthen their knowledge of their colors.  This week the children chose the color PURPLE.

“OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM…”  The children have just begun a unit on farm animals.  Everyone enjoyed singing the song and picking an animal to add to the song.  All the sunflowers are excited to make their own farm filled with animals.  The first animal was a cow.  Sheep and pig will be next.

The children enjoyed fulfilling the mitzvah of HACHNASOT ORCHIM by welcoming the Little Beginners into our classroom for some free play and songs on the carpet.  Morah Aimee led a fun sing – a – long where all the children participated, especially with the hand motions. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS  and  IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT are always a favorite.  For those Sunflowers who have a sibling in the Little Beginners class, it was wonderful to see how much love they have for their siblings.

Shabbat with Morah Aimee was so much fun.  Singing all of our favorite songs and of course dancing is always a blast.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra


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Thanks for coming to the Sunflowers Chanukah party!

We had so much fun with you this morning! Thanks so much for coming!!

Happy Chanukah!








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The Sunflowers are the Newest Monets and Rembrandts

The children have been fortunate to experience different types of art with Morah Debra. Morah Debra introduced them to painting with many different kinds of “brushes”.  They used cotton balls to dot the paint onto the paper, wrapped pipe cleaners around pine cones and used them to paint on the paper.  The children also showed off their artistic ability using other objects such as brissel blocks and wood blocks.


The children are looking forward to making cornbread for our Thanksgiving feast.  It is amazing how they  enjoy learning about the history and different customs of Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to seeing all the parents at the Back to School Night Thursday night.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, And Morah Debra

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Thanksgiving is Coming in the Sunflowers

The children enjoyed hearing the story of Thanksgiving, how the Pilgrims came over from England to America on a vey big boat called the Mayflower. Funny how learning about Thanksgiving came when the Sunflowers were learning about boats in their unit on transportation. Wonder if that was a coinsidence?!  After the Pilgrams landed in Plymouth they had no food and were not really sure how to harvest food.  The Native Americans were kind enough to teach the Pilgrims how to farm and harvest food.  To show their appreciation the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans to a feast which today we call Thanksgiving.  In school, the children have been taking care of their own gardens.  Morah Aimee planted corn with the children while Morah Pam and Morah Debra showed the children how to get the fields ready  for harvesting by plowing  the land.  The children then “planted” peas, rice and beans.  Learning about the different types of clothing that was worn in this era prompted the children to want to make and wear these clothes.  The children have begun to make the clothes of the Native Americans.


The children are eager  grow their knowledge about Thanksgiving in the next weeks.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra

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The Sunflowers are Very Resourceful

The children get excited when they start their week with music.  The way the children sit with anticipation and eagerness to hear what song Morah Jill is going to sing or teach them is amazing.  The children love using the props that Morah Jill uses; leaves, fruit, and scarves to name a few.  Following the directions Morah Jill gives is key to making music class such a sucess.  The children wish that their time with Morah Jill would never end.


Even though the time with Morah Jill had to come to an end, the children were not ready to let the music end.  Morah Aimee and Morah Debra took out some special instruments so the children could continue to enjoy the music.  The children followed or copied a beat that Morah Aimee beat on the drums. It was remarkable how well the children did following the beat.  We have a very musical group of children.


With the weather not allowing the children to go outside and play, Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra were resourceful with different activities to keep the children busy during the time that they would go outside to play.  Using the sand table was fun.  The children loved the way the sand felt going between their fingers, digging and scooping the children felt like they were at the beach. Playing ” Who can do what I do” is a favorite game where the children copied the actions that Morah Pam does.  This time we tried to see all the different body parts we could wiggle.  Wiggling our ears was the favorite thing to wiggle. “Rub a dub dub three men in a tub”,  it was adorable how the children climbed into the pool […]

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Ding Ding Ding the Fire Truck is Here in the Sunflowers

The children were so happy to see the fire truck.  The Livingston Fire Department came to visit us at IBECC this week. The fire chief told the entire school all about fire safety.  When the fire chief was finished he showed the children all the different parts of the truck, he also put on his mask that he uses when he is putting out a fire to show the children that even-though he may look and sound scary, he is not. Like your mom’s, dad’s, teacher’s, policeman, a fireman is a friend too. When the fire chief was finished talking, the children enjoyed touching all the different parts of the fire truck.

The children were so happy to meet Morah Jill. Morah Jill is our wonderful music teacher. The children enjoyed singing  all of Morah Jill’s  songs.  Some were new and some the children knew. Some of the songs the children were able to use props; like scarfs and fruits. When it was time to clean up the props, the children did in such a helpful way. Morah Jill was so impressed with how nicely the children followed directions.  Morah Jill also said that she can not wait to come back next week.  Neither can the children.

It is always an amazing week when you can begin and end your week with a song. Shabbat in the shul with Rabbi Mischel is always a treat.

Have a Shabbat Shalom

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee


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Oceans Away in the Sunflowers

It is oceans away in the Sunflowers.  The children were mesmerized as Noah’s Ark magically appeared on the wall. They sat there quietly as Morah Pam, with the help of  an overhead projector,  traced a picture of the ark on the wall.  The children then enjoyed dot painting the ark. The ark of course needs a place to sail, so the children then painted an ocean with their hands.  Getting  messy with the paint was so much fun.

The children started a unit on transportation.  Keeping in the Noah’s Ark theme, we began in the water with boats. The children were asked if they knew names any boats.  the children listed taxi boats, sailboats, and giant boats.  The  Morot said that giant boats are called ships.  The Morot also told the children that there are small boats too. A canoe and raft are just a couple of small boats that we talked about.  The children made there own rafts.  They are excited to make a canoe too.  Morah Aimee taught the children to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” while rocking back and forth with a friend to mimic the swaying motion of a boat. The children had such an amazing time singing and swaying that they didn’t want to stop.

We are enjoying your children so much!!

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee

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Gan Tziporim is learning to write letters

Added to all the other wonderful things our students have been learning, is something special to prepare them for kindergarten (and their future lives) – writing their letters.  This week we have launched the Handwriting Without Tears program (HWT).  This will eventually be used in conjunction with a phonics element.  The children will learn to write their letters as well as the phonetic sound of the letters.  This week the children worked on the proper grip for holding a writing utensil.  They were instructed to “scribble” on specific items on their papers; for instance they were  asked to color the stars on one sheet and to color the fireworks on another sheet.  Questions were asked about the pictures as well (colors of stars, have they seen fireworks, etc).  Next week will include discussion of colors and shapes.  Each lesson builds up to a readiness to write the lines and curves necessary for proper formation of letters.

The children also continued with the magnet letters and spelling out their names.  They are encouraged to name the letters in their names and then spell out their names.  For children who are easily able to accomplish this, they have been asked to spell out their classmates names.  This will allow them to learn different letters and also to sight read their friend’s names.  We are also singing a morning song which asks the children to identify their own name and the names of their friends.  The children also see everyone’s names on the birds they use to check in each morning.  A lot of literacy in going on in Gan Tziporim!

Every few days we have been introducing new materials to […]

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Fall Into the Sunflowers

In the Sunflowers, the children have been focused on two different topics. They are observing the beginning of the season of fall and as they get to know each other, they have been sharing with each other “all about me”.  The children really show their enthusiam while learning.

For our fall explorations, when the children went outside to play, they collected leaves, acorns, pine needles and more for the indoor tree we are building in our classroom.  In circle time we discussed how when the weather  begins to change from hot to cold, the leaves begin to change color and fall off the trees. There was such joy in the children’s faces when they found a purple, red, or yellow leaf and ran to put it in Morah Pam’s  pocket.  Morah Aimee drew the outline of a tree and the children enjoyed filling it in with tree bark and the leaves the children found outside.

The children are enjoying getting to know each other. They are discovering similarities and differences, and comparing each other’s interests. Sometimes they notice the size of someone’s feet or their height, and sometime they notice that they like the same things or dislike the same thing! It is fun to learn about each other. So we decided to find different ways we can discover more about our friends and ourselves.

The children had a blast having their hands and feet painted and making their hand and foot print. More to come next week!

The children still have Simchat Torah on their minds.  They enjoyed dancing the TORAH HORAH in the classroom. The children took turns holding the Torah and dancing with it in the middle of the circle.

Have a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam and […]

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All Ready for Sukkot in the Sunflowers

In the Sunflowers class we have been very busy getting ready for the holiday of Sukkot.  Today we were able to shake a real lulav and etrog.  We even had our picture taken holding a soft lulav and etrog.  We read the book  THE APPLE TREE’S DISCOVERY.  The children loved that it talked about how the apple tree  wanted to have stars around it all the time.   In the end, when an apple was  split open, there was a star inside. The children wanted to see if there really are stars inside an  apple.  Morah Aimee cut open three apples, to everyone’s surprise there was  star in each apple.   The children then enjoyed painting with the apples.

The children have also enjoyed playing in both the Shul’s real sukkah outside and the pop-up sukkah that we have inside.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday.  Have a  Chag Sameach.

Morah Pam and Morah Aimee


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