We finished the surprise in the Sunflowers!

Our special project is finished. We were busy using tissue paper and paint as well as ripping paper into tiny PIECES. We measured, poured and mixed a very yummy treat as well.

Our  garden is ready. Thank you to Shyella Shuker for working so hard to clean and prepare it for us! Now we are ready to plant! When we went to see the garden we noticed some poison ivy in a big pile. Negev told us about poison ivy. He said “Let it be and stay away!”

Noach’s Birthday is coming! We painted his frame red and added all his favorite things to it.

Wishing all our mommies  a Happy Mother’s Day! Have a great shabbos!

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Shhhhhhhh……. We are making a big surprise in the Sunflowers!

We are very busy with making something very special.  We are painting two different types of flowers, tulips and sunflowers. There was also more painting going on. The easel was open all week and the yeladim loved it. Art center was also open all week and the yeladim loved coloring with the pastels and crayons.

On Tuesday we continued our special project. We decorated clay pots with clay multi colored tiles. They really look so pretty! The yeladim that decided to decorate sunflowers, used real seeds on the inside of their sunflowers with real seeds that we found at the park as well as pine cones and buttons!

Cutting center was open as well play dough. So much stuff going on!

We have been keeping a sharp eye on our four chrysalises all week long. Nothing is happening yet but you never know when it will start!

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We have become very good at making a bonfire in the Sunflowers

On Wednesday we continued our theme of the week with looking at our garden outside. We observed that the plants were very dry. When we took the plants out of the soil we saw all the roots!  We cannot wait to plant new flowers and plants. We are continuing singing our plant song and love doing the hand motions! On our special flower project we added stems, leaves, and the flower on the top.

On Thursday we celebrated Lag Ba’omer which is the thirty third day of the Omer. We learned that it is so important to be nice to each other and be good friends to each other as well. We had an amazing bonfire outside just like they do in Israel! We actually roasted marshmallows! YUM! Rabbi Mischel came with his guitar and played wonderful songs with us. The best part was all the Sunflowers held hands and sang V’ahavta L’reiacha Kamocha. It was really so special.

All the yeladim had a chance to put the sticks that we collected in the park into the bonfire pit to prepare before the fire was lit. We stayed a far distance away when Mr. Leeds lit the fire for us. We had a lot of sticks and had a really ‘cool’ fire! Thank you Mr. Leeds for coming to help us celebrate Lag Ba’Omer!!


Morah Brenda came and read a very cute book about dust bunnies! The yeladim loved making up rhyming words to words that she would say. They are really great at that!

The last step to our flower project was adding the seeds. We compared different seeds […]

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We have begun…… in the Sunflowers

On Monday morning Morah Jill came and we started practicing for our special end of the year program. The yeladim were so excited to practice all the songs that we have been singing throughout the year. They really sound so great!

Our caterpillars measured one and a half inches on Monday. They grew half and inch over the weekend. They have also become very fat! We are very excited for when they become butterflies! We love looking at the specimen of a butterfly that we have in our classroom. It is so cool to see a real butterfly up close. Speaking of butterflies, we sponge painted paper butterflies using pretty bright colors. We used red, orange and yellow.

Tuesday morning we learned that there are four parts to a butterfly. We looked at real pictures of butterflies and observed that their antennae are very thin and we could barely notice their eyes! Their wings have pretty colors and their abdomens are quite thick.  For our own butterflies, we added small googly eyes for the eyes. For the abdomen, we glued on a thick piece of pipe cleaner. We did not have to add anything to the wings and for the antennae, the yeladim glued on very thin pieces of lanyard.

Our caterpillars are almost in the shape of the letter J! That means they soon will make their chrysalis!

When we went to the park before lunch we went to look for some flowers. We could not find any but we looked at tree roots while we were there. Tree roots are much thicker and harder than flower roots but they still do the same thing. All roots help hold the […]

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It’s all about the flowers in the Sunflower class!

On Wednesday we finished the fourth stage of our special metamorphosis project. The yeladim painted their “butterfly”. It was actually pasta in shape of a bow tie but it really looks like a butterfly! After painting the pasta the yeladim wanted to continue painting so the smocks went on and they painted a picture of anything they wanted! They had such a good time that some could not leave the table!

These pictures are on our windows in the kitah. Come on down and take a look at all their gorgeous art work.

Wednesday was an appropriate day to read the book Rain again considering the rain that was pouring outside. After the book was read we actually made our very own “rain” in the kitah. A large vase was brought to the table filled with water. Shaving cream was put on top of the water. That was our “cloud”. Then water that was dyed blue was dripped on top of the cloud. We had to wait awhile to actually see the “rain” come down in the vase. We had to wait for the drops in the cloud to get bigger and heavier until we saw the blue “rain”. The yeladim loved this science activity especially after reading the book!

On Thursday we put together our Science project. The life cycle of a Caterpillar to a Butterfly. Ask them about it! They really know so much!

As we were walking to the playground we noticed our garden had no plants in it. So we decided that next week we are going to do some planting. We will be learning next week about plants and flowers […]

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Finally it feels like spring in the Sunflower class!

Spring has arrived in our kitah and so have our caterpillars! They are in a small plastic container and they are so small. We actually took a ruler and measured them. They measured 1/2 of an inch. We looked at a ruler and we saw where the number one was. That is one inch. We read everyone’s favorite book  The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. It is a very colorful book with bold pictures about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. We discussed that this process is called a metamorphosis. Such a long word but a very important one! We looked at real pictures of caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies. Our caterpillars are brown but other caterpillars are green and black and some are even yellow.

As the days pass we see our caterpillars are getting bigger! The yeladim were given rulers with which to measure. They loved counting up  to twelve (inches) as well. They measured the caterpillars and observed that they are more than half an inch! They actually grew in one day! They must be eating a lot!

While some yeladim were measuring, others were looking at a real butterfly. They observed all the beautiful colors on it using magnifying glasses. After observing and measuring we read another adorable book called The Butterfly by Anna Milbourne and Cathy Shimmen. Spring REALLY has arrived!


There are four stages of the life cycle of a caterpillar. The egg is laid on a leaf. Out of the egg comes a caterpillar that is very hungry! Once he gets big and fat he makes a chrysalis for himself and sleeps for two weeks. This is […]

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What an amazing celebration it was in the Sunflower class!

On Wednesday we were finishing preparing for the big birthday day! We baked a delicious vanilla cake in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut. Then we sprinkled blue sprinkles in shape of the Israeli flag. We also visited our last city in Israel. Eilat. We had the opportunity to play in the sand like being in the desert, play at the water table like swimming in the Red Sea and looking at sea shells with magnifying glasses! That was so interesting! We were so busy in Eilat we were just missing the sun!

We asked the yeladim what color we should dye our white T-shirts for Yom Ha’atzmaut. They yelled “BLUE!” just like the Israeli flag. So we put our T-shirts in blue dye in a big container. They stayed in the container for a very long time. When the shirts came out they looked Blue and White! Perfect for Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Our ice cream store was such a hit that we decided to make ice cream play dough! Yes! We wanted to have real “ice cream” that they could scoop out into bowls. The playdough really looks like ice cream! Vanilla and Strawberry were on the menu!

On Thursday the yeladim came into the kitah and they received their passports. Onto the plane they went. When we arrived they received an Israeli sticker on their passports as well as their flag and shirts. They were ready to go to the Kotel. They davened their as well as wrote notes to Hashem and put them in the Kotel.

Off to Tel Aviv where we sat in front of […]

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Our Tzfat is so beautiful in the Sunflowers

Last Friday was a beautiful day! It was sunny and warm and it gave the Sunflowers the perfect opportunity to become artists. Not just any artists but the artists in the beautiful city of Tzfat, the third city that we have learned about. Tzfat is a city known for its beautiful artwork. Many of the doors and windows of stores and houses are painted in beautiful bright colors. There are even murals which are paintings on walls in Tzfat.

We dedicated the classroom next door to create the city of Tzfat. We went outside and looked all around us at the world Hashem created. We noticed parts of nature, colors, how the sun and wind felt. The yeladim sponge painted beautiful bright colors on pieces of paper and enjoyed looking around them while they were creating their special artwork.

Uriel-  “I am making a tree.”

Negev- “I am making many towers.”


We hung up this artwork like a mural indoors. It really looks great!


During circle time we have been davening at the Kotel in our kitah. We sat in a circle on the floor and davened in front of the wall. It was so much fun to daven in a different place and they really sang so nicely as usual!

The Butteflies had their very own ice cream store in their kitah and invited some Sunflowers in for some ice cream! Yummy. Thank you so much for having us.

We continued working on our flags. We creating the two lines on the flag with different types of blue fabric. All the flags look different and they really look very creative and have a nice texture to them.

The yeladim wanted to make another mural […]

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Still getting ready for Israel in the Sunflowers

Well, we know we cannot walk to Israel. Of course we have to fly! So we painted our airplane blue and put two white Magen David’s on it. The yeladim’s pictures are on the plane as well so next week we will be ready to take off!

Morah Jill came on Wednesday and we sang so many Israeli songs! We marched with some flags as well and it really got us into the spirit of being in Israel. Thank you, Morah Jill!

Bakers hats were on again when we made cupcakes for Ezra’s birthday. The batter smelled delicious and the cupcakes tasted even better!

We needed new play dough in the kitah. We observed that the dry mixture of salt, flour and cream of tartar was WHITE. The warm water that was added started off as clear but then we added BLUE food coloring we watched the whole pitcher of water turned BLUE!  The water was then poured into the dry mixture and we kept mixing the play dough. We are so happy that it was BLUE. It really looks so cool!


The next city that we focused on was Tel Aviv. It has very tall buildings and many people work there. Some people even come in from Yerushalayim to work in Tel Aviv. We showed the yeladim many pictures of Tel Aviv. There are many places to eat and shop. In the summer when it is so hot outside, there are many ice cream stores to go to. The yeladim love ice cream! So it was a great idea to create an ice cream store in the kitah. We had the Hebrew sign G’lidah on the […]

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A big birthday celebration coming up in the Sunflower class!

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing Chag!

For the next week and a half we will be transforming our kitah and our classrooms into different cities in Israel. Why you ask? Well, it’s Israel’s birthday next week and she will be 70 years old! The yeladim laughed when we said “she”. We talked about the fact that even though Israel is a place and not a person we refer to Israel as a “she”. We have hung up different pictures of Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv, Tzfat and Eilat. We will be learning and experience different things relating to each city. We are so excited and cannot wait to begin our journey!

The first city we are focusing on is Yerushalayim. It is such an important place because the Kotel is there. This is a very big wall that was part of the Beit Hamikdash that was destroyed a long time ago.

Many people come from all over the world to daven at the Kotel. They ask Hashem for many different things that they feel is important to them. A custom is to put notes in between the bricks at the Kotel as well.

The yeladim loved using the blocks from our kitah to make a Kotel. We will try to keep it up all week in the kitah. They really used a lot of teamwork to get the job done!

Another Kotel was built in our kitah as well. This one will be hanging on our wall. The yeladim glued on small bricks as well as square pieces of sandpaper. Little pieces of greenery were added in between the bricks and now we have two beautiful Kotels!


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