Getting ready for the Seder in the Sunflowers class……

We were so excited for our school Seder! The yeladim shredded the apples for the Charoset. They grated the apples with a standing grater. They are ready for the kitchen! Sprinkled with a little cinnamon and poured a little grape juice! YUM!

Our pillows were stuffed with very soft stuffing. The yeladim have never felt this before and they loved the feeling of the stuffing in their hands!

Spring has arrived as well as the more appropriate weather. We talked about what happens in the springtime, that flowers bloom and the grass grows. The flowers are all different bright colors so we made a beautiful collage in our  Kitah. We took bright colors of all different types of materials and glued in on a large piece of paper. Looking at it, it looks like all different kinds of flowers growing next to each other!

For the Seder we finger painted our tablecloth blue. The yeladim decided it would be the Yam Suf and it really looks like it!

The yeladim did a great job cleaning the whole kitah to get ready for our very own B’dikat Chametz. They put pieces of bread all over the room and then we turned off the lights. They used a feather to sweep the pieces of bread in the paper bag with the help of a candle.  We will give it to the Rabbi to burn the bag Friday morning.

Our Seder was amazing, along with great musical accompaniment by the very famous King Paroah. He came all the way from Mitzrayim with his guitar  to see what a Seder was all about! He enjoyed himself […]

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Avadim Haayinu….. Atah B’nai Chorin in The Sunflower class.

We were slaves BUT now we are free! The yeladim have finished learning the Ma Nishtana and have learned that the last question mentions that we lean when we drink our cups of wine. Why? What is the significance of leaning? Because now we are free! We can eat and drink any way we want!

Our beautiful pillowcases were decorated today with pretty flowers. Even though there is snow outside, it IS spring and what better way to celebrate spring than to make our gorgeous pillowcases with bright fabric paint and bright flowers. They really look great and the yeladim cannot wait to LEAN on them during the Seder.

The real highlight of the week was acting out our Pesach story. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! There is no need to explain the scenes because they did such a great job acting all the different characters!

Our Haggadah is ready to be sent home and the yeladim are so proud of them.

We have to start cleaning the kitah for Pesach and then do B’dikat Chametz next week! We are getting very close!

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The Haggadot are FINISHED in the Sunflowers!

We created our covers for our Haggadot. We wanted them to look like Matza so we dipped LEGO blocks in brown paint and we printed with the blocks! The covers really look like Matza with the holes and everything!


Tuesday morning Rabbi Y came and we had the opportunity to make real Matza with flour and water. We made sure that from the moment the flour and water were mixed until they came out of the oven it was not more than eighteen minutes! Well, we did it!

The yeladim learned in the fourth Question it is mentioned that we lean. Why do we lean? Because we are free! We can sit straight while we drink or we can lean BUT on this night we lean to the left.

We thought it was appropriate to make cute pillowcases for the Seder for when we lean. The yeladim picked pretty Spring fabric paint and used a plastic fork to spread the paint. We have never done this before and they turned out so beautiful!

We really love acting out Magid- the story of Pesach!!


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Hands on in the Sunflower class!

The past two days we have been observing and touching the different foods that we eat at the Seder. We looked at real Marror, the horseradish root that some people use. It was passed around the table and it was interesting to listen to the comments from the yeladim.

Uriel, “It looks like a carrot.”

Lauren, “I think it looks like a mountain.”

”It is hard and bumpy.”

As we cut open the horseradish root the yeladim noticed that the smell on the inside was much stronger than the smell on the outside!

It was so interesting to see the class’ response when they learned that some people use Romaine lettuce for Marror! “That is so funny!” They said.

When we passed around the Romaine some more comments flew around the room.

Ella, “It’s soft.”

Lieba, “It looks really flat.”

Negev, “It looks like a big leaf.”

Emma, “It’s crunchy.”

Last but not least we decided to see which was heavier, the Root or the Romaine. They guessed the Root and they were right!

For Karpas the yeladim learned that some people use parsley to dip in the salt water. Next, we spread the parsley all over the table. The yeladim loved waving it and noticed it is so thin!

Lauren, “It’s wet.”

They all agreed that parsley looks like a tree as well.

We went to the Exploration room and brought the sandbox in. We placed some little people and cardboard packing boxes into the sandbox. The yeladim loved pretending that the people were Avadim in Mitzrayim and they had to build big cities for King Paroah. They loved putting their little fingers in the sand and “acting” out in their little heads what Paroah would say to the Yehudim.


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They came out of the box in the Sunflower class!

Even though we have had only two days of school in the past week, we had such a great time playing with the baby chicks when we returned to school on Monday. Morah Rachelle took all the chicks out of the box that they have been living in since they hatched. She put them on the gym floor and the yeladim loved to pet them and watch them walk around! One chick was a very yellow color. We had named him Vanilla! After playing with them the farmer arrived to take them back to the farm.

It was such an amazing experience to have these chicks in school. The yeladim really got attached to them! We explained to them that it was time for the chicks to leave the school and to go live on the farm.

We moved quickly to continue creating  our special Hagaddah. We know that before we eat bread when we have lunch in school every day we wash one time with a washing cup and say the bracha. The yeladim learned that at two times during the Seder we wash our hands. The first time at Urchatz, we wash our hands but we don’t make a bracha. The second time at Rachtzah, we wash our hands but this time we make a bracha. We painted our hands with yellow finger paint and then made handprints on their Rachtzah page. The yeladim squished different colors of blue tissue paper to make the “water” pouring out of the washing cup! This is one of many adorable pages the yeladim have been working on.

For the next page, which is Motzi Matzah, the yeladim took matzah stickers and put […]

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The past three days have been so busy in The Sunflowers!

It was Dr. Suess’ birthday on Friday! We talked about the fact that he was an author. We explained to the yeladim that an author is a person that writes books. Morah Kerry read a Dr. Seuss book while all the yeladim were eating birthday cake! The cake was red and the icing was white just like the Cat in the Hat’s hat! Morah Rachelle dressed up as the Cat in the Hat as well! The Rabbi came in with his guitar to sing Purim and Shabbat songs with us at our Shabbat party.

We had an amazing time at our Purim carnival! We loved playing with the games in the gym. Thank you to Emma’s mommy, Lieba’s mommy, Negev’s mommy and Simon’s mommy for attending to the booths while the Sunflowers were able to play.

On Monday morning we started to talk about the next big chag that is coming. The holiday of Pesach. This holiday is coming in three and a half weeks. In circle time we talked about how Pesach is eight days. We counted to eight while we clapped our hands! In these eight days we are not allowed to eat bread. Why? When King Paroah told  Moshe to take the Yehudim and leave after a Hashem sent the tenth Maccah, the Yehudim left Mitzrayim in a hurry. They had no time to let their bread rise so they ended up with Matzah. We took a look at real Matzah and we realized how thin it really was. Some of the yeladim wanted to taste it as well. As they were tasting it, we learned that with Matzah, the flour and the […]

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They have arrived and the Sunflowers are so excited!

We had the most exciting Monday ever! The eggs arrived with the baby chicks growing inside of them! A man from the farm showed us a hen named Gail and a rooster named Knight. The eggs are in a special container and we have to turn the eggs three times during the day. The Sunflowers are on “ lunch duty.” We helped count as we turned all the eggs. They have numbers on them so we make sure that we have turned them! The container has to stay a special temperature to make sure the chicks can grow and hatch. The yeladim talk about the chicks all day! It is so great to listen to their excitement.

Morah Jill was here and we enjoyed dancing to all the Purim songs that we know while shaking her groggers.

Our baking hats were put on and we made delicious Hamantashen with white and dark chocolate chips. They look delicious and we hope you enjoy eating them on Purim We enjoyed creating the beautiful bowl that we made out of paper mache for you to use to enhance your Seudah table. You can use it for a long time to come. We also made sugar cookies in shapes of crowns and hamantashen. Yummy!

We took off our baking hats and put on our artist hats. A landscape of Shushan was cut out from butcher paper. The yeladim used their artistic skills to decorate Shushan to make it beautiful. They used all different types of materials. It is hanging in the lobby of the shule. After we hung it up we took a class picture in front of it and sang all […]

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We sponge painted Hamantashen on our bowls in the Sunflowers

After our bowls dried we dipped sponge shaped Hamantashen on our bowls. They really look gorgeous. Can’t wait to fill them!

We read an adorable book called Not For All The Hamantashen In Town by Laura Aron Milmander. Thank you Simon for bringing the book in! We loved reading it!

We put on silly hats and sang all our Purim songs while playing our instruments and dancing around the classroom! We will definitely do it again!

We had the opportunity to do “free collage” to make clowns. You should see how they came out! They were glued on our Mishloach Manot bags. We will fill them with so many nice foods!

Thursday is our challah baking day! As well as Morah Brenda coming to visit us for our literacy experiences! Shabbos is coming and we can’t wait!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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Our Ra’ashanim are finished!….. In the Sunflowers

We finished them! Yay! Now we can shake them in class when we sing our Purim songs and when we hear Haman’s name when we go over the Megillah story. The yeladim were able to fill their Ra’ashan’s containers with all different kinds of things. Bells, corks, beads, and tiles to create the noise that they wanted. They shook the items first in their hands in order to hear what they would sound like when shaken. They cannot wait until they can shake their Ra’ashan’s in shule! Last but not least, we added beautiful sequins on their crowns and hats as well. They really look adorable and the yeladim are excited to bring them home next week!

Our paper mache bowls were all dry on Monday. The balloons were popped and we cut the circle to create a bowl. The yeladim picked their own colors to paint their bowl. Wait until you see what we put in this bowl! It will be a surprise!

We will be busy the rest of the week getting ready to do more Purim projects!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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Wait until you see our bowls for our Hamantashen that the Sunflowers made!

We have been continuing acting out the Purim story every day as well as creating special projects that we will be sending home in the next week and a half. The most messy but by far the most fun was creating a special bowl to hold our Hamantashen that we will be baking. Balloons filled with air were put out in front of each child. The children dipped strips of paper towel in a mixture of flour, glue and water. Then they placed the paper towel strips all over the balloon. Their hands got very messy BUT it will be well worth it once we pop those balloons!

Brenda, our literacy specialist, came and the yeladim are really learning to put two sounds together to create a word! We are so proud of them and we love Sammy the Snail that helps Brenda!

Now we are onto creating the heads of our groggers. Eyes, nose, and hair were glued on styrofoam balls to create the head of a Purim character. Can’t wait to put all the parts together and shake that Ra’ashan in shule on Purim!


It was so wonderful to meet with you at conferences. You should only have nachas from your children!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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