Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’Simcha……. in the Sunflowers.

We are so excited that it is Adar, the Hebrew month when the holiday of Purim is! It is such a happy month as well! The yeladim got dressed up as different characters in the Purim story and put on a play in the kitah while in the “castle”. We had such an amazing time acting out the story of Megillat Esther! They really are ready for Broadway!

During circle time we reviewed the four mitzvot of Purim. The yeladim know that one of the mitzvot is listening to the Megillah in Shule. We are supposed to hear every word so we have to be very quiet. The only time we can make noise is when we hear Haman’s name. That is when we will shake our Ra’ashan (grogger). We started making our groggers this week. The yeladim each picked their own container to decorate. We decorated the containers with pretty shiny squares. Then each child picked their own Purim character to make their grogger. They had a choice of Esther, Haman, Mordechai and King Achashveirosh. Wait until you see who your child picked!?

Based on what they picked the yeladim ‘dot dotted’ (with dot paints) a coffee filter that will be part of their character’s outfit. Cannot wait to see how these turn out!

Thank you to Noach’s Mommy for coming in and being our Library guest.

And the week continues……..

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit



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The Snowy Day in the Sunflowers!

We woke up on Wednesday morning to snow falling! The yeladim were so excited when they walked into the kitah.  “There is snow!” they said. After davening we all decided to sing our winter songs in honor of all the snow that was on the ground and still falling. “We should dance like snowflakes!” and so we sang our snowflake song. How could we forget our snowman song as well?

We read the classic book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. A boy Peter loves to play in the snow and do all types of fun things. He walked with his toes facing outward in the snow and made footprints. We pointed our toes facing outward as well. Peter pointed his toes facing inward in the snow and made footprints and we pointed our toes facing inward as well. Peter also took a stick and made straight lines through the snow.

The yeladim had the opportunity to play with “snow” just like Peter did. The yeladim put glue and shaving cream on their paper and spread the “snow” all around with their hands. They loved the way it felt between their fingers! They made footprints with little plastic people pretending it was Peter. Then the yeladim took sticks and made long tracks on the “snow” as well! It was so much fun. The yeladim love listening to stories and then doing an activity related to the story. They really get to experience the story so much more! Like doing snow angels on the carpet like Peter did in the snow! We couldn’t wait for the snow and rain to stop so we could go outside and make real snow angels in the snow!!

We had a […]

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The castle is being built in the Sunflowers…….

Purim is coming and we are so excited to transform our room into the land Shushan!


Before we learned about the Purim story we gathered around the table and gave the children different containers. There were many different things that the yeladim were able to fill their containers with. Corn, corks, and beads. What we did notice was each container made a different sound when we shook it depending on what the container was filled with! The corks when shook made a very deep noise. The beads and corn made a lighter noise. We loved shaking our containers to the song of Mishenichnas Adar Marbim B’ Simchah! We loved singing!

On to  the exciting story of Purim. Since King  Acheveirosh lived in the land of Shushan in a big castle, we thought why not build a castle for our kitah! The yeladim painted boxes a beautiful silver color for the base of our castle. Can’t wait to paint the top of the castle tomorrow!


In this week’s parsha Parshat Mishpatim we learned that one of the laws in the Torah is that we do not eat milk and meat together. It was so much fun to make signs for Meat and Dairy. The yeladim love ice cream and chicken, but not together of course! Enjoy the signs to hang up in your kitchen!

The best part for the yeladim was all of the dress up clothes for Purim that we brought into the kitah in our dress up center!

We learned there are four mitzvot that we do on Purim. One of them is reading the story of Megilat Esther. We painted special containers bright colors to put our very own Megillahs in when […]

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And now we have the ten good rules! in the Sunflowers

We thoroughly enjoyed our Tu b’shvat Seder on Wednesday morning! The yeladim tasted some fruits that they have never eaten before! We all knew that all the items that were on the table had grown on trees. We had out olives, dates, yellow raisins, prunes, apples and oranges.We made a Shehechiyanu bracha and thought more about how important trees are to us. The Giving Tree was still the favorite book of the week and after we read the book the yeladim did some planting of their own!

The yeladim took shovels and dug some dirt to put it in their planters. After that, they sprinkled some parsley seeds into the dirt. Then another scoop of dirt and they were done! Why parsley? You will find out soon enough!

Onto Parshat Yitro and the special scenic project we are continuing to make. The yeladim painted brown the Har Sinai that they made out of clay, as well as the base for the mountain. We added flowers to the mountain because when Hashem gave Moshe the Aseret Hadibrot, flowers bloomed all over the mountain. Sand was added to the base because Har Sinai was in the desert and the yeladim knew that there is A LOT of sand in the desert. We even had the oppurtunity to play in the sandbox this week! It was so much fun! In circletime we talked about the Aseret Hadibrot being given to Moshe on stone tablets. So we made our very own Aseret Hadibrot out of clay. What a great parsha scene! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Nothing like ending off the week with making challah for shabbos! […]

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Happy birthday to the trees in Israel! It’s Tu B’shvat….. in the Sunflowers

What an exciting time in Israel. The trees are blooming, especially the almond trees. We looked at pictures of four types of trees in Israel. The almond tree is definitely the prettiest with beautiful pink flowers. We also saw an orange tree, olive tree, and a eucalyptus tree. They all look so different! We then ventured outside to the playground and looked at trees. The trunks, roots and branches. We observed that the tree trunks have different textures from tree to tree. We wrapped paper around two tree trunks and rubbed brown crayons them. We saw that the design on the papers did not look the same and we realized why.

Still focusing on trees we went to the nature room and played with real trunks and branches as well as soil and spray bottles. They really enjoyed using the hammer and nails with the wood pieces as well.

Thank you to Lia’s mommy for being our Library guest this week. She was able to read a special book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. A story about a tree that gives a boy grown into a man everything that the tree can give him throughout his life. We talked about what trees can give us? We will send home a book with all the great answers the yeladim gave us.

On Tuesday we played with only wood toys since trees gives wood which then becomes different toys that we have in our kitah. We played with blocks, puzzles and loose parts made out of wood as well.

This week’s Parsha is very exciting. In Parshat Yitro Hashem gives […]

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Music, Snowflakes, Parsha and Library, OH MY!! in the Sunflowers

Thank you for all the feedback from our special literature activity The Mitten. The yeladim still want us to read it in the kitah and we surely will!

Morah Jill came on Monday morning for our special music class. The yeladim had the opportunity to use bell chimes to represent snowflakes “falling”. We loved to walk around the gym pretending to be snowflakes! Just like we do in our kitah, but we dance like snowflakes!

We talked about the snow that will be coming and the yeladim had so much fun making a scenic snow picture. This time they were able to make “snowflakes” by dipping rubber rings in white paint and tapping them on black paper. Cotton “clouds” were added in the sky and our scenic winter picture is complete!

We are still enjoying playing with the “snow” that we made last week.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Bo, we learned about the last three Maccot that Hashem sent to the Mitzrim. Arbeh, grasshoppers were the eighth Maccah.  They ate all the food in Mitzrayim!

The ninth Maccah was Choshech, darkness. The yeladim closed their eyes and they yelled that they could not see anything. The Mitzrim could not see anything either! It was so dark that no one was able to move!

The tenth Maccah was the worst one of all. All the first born Mitzrim became very sick. So sick that finally King Paroah yelled at Moshe and told him to let all the Yehudim go! Moshe could not believe it, but he told the Yehudim to leave Mitzrayim very fast before King Paroah changes his mind!


Thank you to Ezra’s daddy for coming […]

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We watched the snow melt. BUT wait, it froze again! the Sunflowers

We added more snowflakes to the kitah! This time the yeladim used scissors. We took a white round piece of paper. We folded it in half and then we folded it again. Lauren told Morah Lilli that it looked like a “slice of pizza.” The yeladim all agreed. They learned to cut the edges of the paper to make little triangles. The yeladim are used to cutting only straight lines but here they had the opportunity to do something different. They opened up their paper and they really looked like snowflakes! We glued the snowflakes on coffee filters and spread clear glue that was mixed with glitter flakes! They look gorgeous and we hung them on the lights all around the room.


On Wednesday morning we went outside on our snow trip to collect snow again. This time we brought the snow into the kitah but we did not play with it,  we left it in the buckets. After lunch we observed the buckets and realized that there was water at the bottom. Hmmmm. They knew that the snow was melting! It is too warm in the classroom for “snow to stay like snow!”

What would happen if we took the snow that melted and poured it into ice cube tray? That is exactly what we did. We took the tray to the freezer and we can’t wait to see what happens!

It’s all about the snow! Off to the indoor gym we went and opened up the parachute. We threw many snowballs on the parachute and sang our “Dance Like Snowflakes” song while we were shaking the parachute! We had such a good time!


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The Mitten…… in the Sunflower Class

After the yeladim decorated their two sides of their snow white Mitten they sewed the two sides together using white yarn and a plastic needle. Morah Lilli punched holes all around the perimeter of the mitten using a hole puncher. The yeladim took the needle and went up and down and up and down. They really did such a great job!

Once the Mitten was ready it was time to decorate all the animals from the book. The mole and the rabbit were first. Brown fur was placed on the mole and white cotton balls were glued onto the rabbit. We have real pictures of the animals hanging in the classroom so the yeladim know how to decorate all the animals.

Onto the Hedgehog and the Owl. The Hedgehog is very prickly so they glued on little pipe cleaner sticks. The Owl has many feathers and very big eyes!

Since there is so much snow on the ground there was a special table in the kitah to scoop up “snowballs”. Small styrofoam balls were put in a very large plastic container. The yeladim had different utensils to scoop the “snowballs” up and put them into smaller containers. They really enjoyed this special activity!

Speaking of snow we learned a snowflake song and we pretended to be snowflakes! We even danced like snowflakes!

We took a small trip outside to see all the snow piled high in the parking lot. The yeladim scooped up the  snow with their shovels and trowels. Other yeladim had fun spraying the snow with different color of water spray. Enjoy the pictures that we took!

Once we collected the snow we brought it into the kitah. We asked the yeladim […]

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We are trying to keep warm… in the Sunflowers

We are all talking about the cold. We might not like it, but the yeladim agree it is very appropriate for what we are discussing in our class. For the past two weeks we have been reading the wonderful book The Mitten. We have been reading it every day. We started talking about how we keep warm and what we wear to keep parts of our bodies warm! We all focused on what we wear to keep our hands warm. Mittens of course! We decorated a pair of mittens with different types of fabric and now we have them hanging on our Keep Warm bulletin board. They really look so cute!

Rabbi Mischel was our Library Guest this week and he read a book about all the things that Hashem created for us in the world. Then he ended the book with all the yeladim singing the song “Hashem is here”. The yeladim thought he was so funny!

We cannot have the season of winter without making our winter playdough. The yeladim added glitter “snowflakes” to the dough and now we can play with it every day throughout the winter!

We started the second book of the Torah, Sefer Shmot. Such an exciting beginning to the story of Moshe. The mean King Paroh did not treat the Yehudim in Mitzrayim very nicely. He made them work all day and all night. He decided he did not want any Jewish boy babies being born. He told all the Mitzrim that any Jewish boy baby should be thrown into the river! You should have seen the yeladim’s faces. They could not believe what Morah Lilli said. We […]

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Pancakes with the Bears… in the Sunflowers

Even though it was so cold outside we were very warm in the Sunflower class. As we continued to focus on The Mitten by Jan Brett, we decorated our very own mittens like Niki had in the book. Our “snow white mittens” were decorated with all different types of white materials that we were able to find in school. White fabric, feathers, pom poms, streamers and coffee filters. We will be sewing the mittens and then be creating all the animals that go into it from the story. We love reading this book over and over again. Especially at the end when the bear sneezes!

Our parsha project is finished. The yeladim know how to switch Yaacov’s hands! So his right hand is on Efraim’s and his left hand is on Menashe’s.


On Thursday we had such an amazing time during our Hibernation party! We were able to put our stuffed animals in our caves! They will be sleeping all winter! We loved making our chocolate chip pancakes and even loved eating them with our bears. The best part was being able to wear our pajamas all day!

Thursday’s is our baking challah day. So as you can see we did a lot of mixing and rolling and shaping today.

Since winter has officially arrived, the kitah decided it was time to make new playdough for us to share.”What type of playdough should we make?” We all agreed to make “Winter playdough!”  We will let you know how we make it!

Have a great Shabbos!


Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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