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The snow has been falling in the Sunflowers.  After reviewing the four seasons with the children the teachers have been reading books on the topic of winter. One of the books we have read, SNOWY DAYS, is about a  boy who likes the snow.  He makes tracks in the snow by walking with his feet inward and outward,  dragging a stick so it looks like the tracks of a snake that slithered by.  The boy goes on an adventure in the snow.  He loves the snow so much that he decides to place a snowball in his pocket for later when he is at home, only to find out it melted.  The boy was okay with that since he was going to do it all over again the next day.  The children made their own footprints with the help of Mr Potato head’s feet and some toy animals.  They dipped the feet of the toys into shaving cream and then pressed it onto pieces of paper.  The children enjoyed touching and playing with the shaving cream too.

Another way in which it was snowing in the Sunflowers was when the children folded a piece of paper in half and then in half again and showing them how to make snowflakes.  It was great to see how well the children hold and use a pair of scissors. The dexterity that they have in their fingers is magical.  The different designs that came from this exercise were remarkable.  The children also made snowflakes using glue and glitter.  They placed some glue on paper and added the glitter and had a blast shaking the extra glitter off .

Another winter favorite is the book THE MITTEN.  It’s about a […]

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The Sunflowers had “One More Day” (of music)

The children were sad when they found out that this would be their last session with Morah Jill for this year. They always  enjoyed spending time with Morah Jill.  The fun songs that she brought to the children each time was wonderful.  The enthusiasm in the children’s eyes each time they heard a new song and used the cool props that Morah Jill always brought was amazing.   The strumming of her guitar and the way the children were taught to move to the music was a wonderful way for children to gain a love and interest in music. With the help of Morah Debra the children gave Morah Jill a special guitar card to thank her for a fun filled year of music.

The Sunflowers are looking forward to celebrating Shavuot.  They have been learning about how Moshe went up to Har  Sinai to speak with Hashem and brought down the Aseret Hadibrot, also known as the Luchot.  The children were busy building their own version of Har Sinai with blocks and other building toys.  They also made their own Luchot.  They were so excited to be able to recognize the letters in the Alpeh-bet as they labeled their Luchot with ink pads and Hebrew stamps.

Stay tuned for more.

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Morah Pam and Morah Debra


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In the Sunflowers, they saw the butterflies spread their wings and fly

Both the Sunflowers and the Butterflies (2’s) went outside to the playground to watch the release of the butterflies whose wings were finally strong enough to fly free.  As much as they were flapping their wings in their indoor habitat, they were not so eager to be released into their natural (outside) habitat.  All the children gathered around as Morah Aimee and Morah Debra helped release the butterflies.  They took flowers and placed the butterflies on the flower and then put them on a bush. It took the butterflies a few minutes to acclimate before they felt comfortable and flew away.   The children cheered with glee as the butterflies flew away.

Knowing how dangerous fire can be, the children followed the directions to stay on the steps during the bonfire last week.  The entire school sang songs with the Rabbi as Mr. Seth built our bonfire to celebrate Lag Baomer.  JJ’s mother and brother came to celebrate with us and brought the makings for s’mores.  The Morot took turns roasting the marshmallows.  Everyone enjoyed them as the evidence showed on their hands and faces. Thank you to everyone for helping to make a special celebration.

The children were fortunate to have a second special snack for Lag Baomer. Morah Debra brought in the makings for ANTS ON A LOG. Celery, (Tofutti) cream cheese, and carob chips.  Spreading cream cheese on the celery and adding a few carob chips the children were excited to try this scrumptious snack.  The Morot were happy that most of the children liked the snack.

One of the songs that the Rabbi […]

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The Sunflowers said ABRACADABRA and they made art.  Not just any art but BLACK MAGIC.  There is a special paper that is all black and when you scratch it off it reveals a rainbow of colors.  You are able to make so many different pictures.  The children enjoyed this activity so much, Morah Debra showed the children how to make the BLACK MAGIC PAPER so we will never run out.  You color different colors on a paper and then color over them with a black crayon and then scratch of the black crayon off to reveal the colors underneath.  Then, of course, use your creativity to make beautiful art. This activity reminded us of the city in Israel named Tzfat. Tzfat is well known for all the artistic opportunities and the art galleries.

Continuing our trek through Israel, the next city that the children learned about was Tel-Aviv.  Tel-Aviv is close to Jerusalem and is known for industry, technology, and its nightlife.  It also has beautiful beaches.

After another wonderful discussion about Israel and how important Israel is to us, one of the children asked where MITZRAIM was, so we showed the class where MITZRAIM (Egypt) was on the map.  The children couldn’t believe how close together the two countries are.

At one table Morah Debra had the children begin making our own versions of the KOTEL. They took cardboard pieces and painted them brown. As you can see the children were very hands-on with this project.  At another table, Morah Pam worked with the children on another magical project.  The children glued special pictures about Israel on a BIG piece of paper and then covered the entire paper with blue paint.  When the paint dried the […]

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Rabbi Rosenblum and The Matzah Factory came to IBECC.  The Sunflowers enjoyed a morning full of fun and excitement.  Learning how matzah is made and how quick it has to be made was a wonderful experience for all.  The children started by shucking the wheat and placing the seeds in the hand grinder where Lauren from the Fours and Rabbi Rosenblum turned it into flour.  From there, Ezra, another friend from the Fours, took the flour and poured it into a bowl.  Caleb then poured water into the flour where Rabbi Rosenblum mixed it together to make a dough. Everyone then received a piece of the dough and used a rolling pin to flatten it out and make it into matzah.  Rabbi Rosenblum then used a special instrument to put the little holes in the dough before placing it the special matzah oven.  Matzah cannot cook for more than 18 minutes if it will be Kosher for Pesach. We hope everyone enjoys the matzah that came home in the backpack.

The children continue to find many different ways to act out “being slaves” in Mitzraim and building so many buildings.

Stay tuned for more Sunflower excitement

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra


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The Sun Rays Shined Upon the Sunflowers

The Sunflowers were so delighted to finally feel the sun rays upon their faces.  After being cooped up inside for so many months due to the cold, the Sunflowers  were so excited to be able to go outside this week. Climbing, sliding, drawing with chalk, and playing “King of the hill” were just a few activities the children did.  Also, playing with the fours is always fun. The children were so happy when a friend walked by with her dog.  Everyone ran to pet it.

The children experienced a new type of art.  Sponge painting. The different textures of the sponges made for some unique imprints.

The children had a wonderful time learning about the mitzvah of HAFRASHAT CHALLAH, separating the challah.   We mixed all the ingredients together, waited for the dough to rise, punched it down and kneaded it again.  Then we formed the challah rolls, waited again for the dough to rise, and then finally placed them in the oven and said the special bracha we make when making a lot of challah.  Morah Pam placed the dough that was separated to “burn” in the oven.  Everyone is looking forward to eating the challah on Shabbat.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra

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The Sunflowers had a Marvelous Music Monday

The Sunflowers experienced a marvelous music Monday with Morah Jill. The children are always excited when Morah Jill comes to sing with them.  They wait with bated breath to see what songs they will learn, along with what cool instruments Morah Jill will bring for them to use.  Morah Jill couldn’t believe how many Passover songs we knew.  She smiled when the children were able to sing along with her since they knew all the words.  Ma Nishtanah, The Frog song, and NO NO NO I Will Not Let You Go.  Morah Debra acted as Pharoh while we sang that song.  The children thought that was just the funniest thing.  Playing with frogs was great, especially when everyone was able to make them jump up and down on the blue parachute that was representing the YOM SOOF.   The jumping matzah ball was fun too.  Morah Jill taught us a counting song using matzah balls.

The children were given the challenge to build Paroh a city as if they were slaves in Mitzrayim.  The children absolutely met the challenge.  All the different ways they used the blocks to build was incredible.

Morah Debra also challenged the children.  Setting up a picture of a piece of matzah for them to draw was no easy task.  The children had no problem with the challenge.  Sheer matzah masterpieces.

We can not wait to see what type of adventures the rest of the week will have.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra

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Happy Birthday, Morah Debra ! Love, the Sunflowers

The Sunflowers took a little break from preparing for Pesach.  Playing with the blocks, cars, and trains to create a great big city took a lot of time and concentration.  The children used their creativity and of course team work.

The children had a wonderful surprise when the Morot opened the classroom door to welcome The Little Beginners in for a short play time.  It is always a pleasure to watch with excitement the expression on the children’s faces when they are able to spend some time with their siblings and all the other younger children.

Happy Birthday, Morah Debra! Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Morah Debra’s birthday.  We surprised  her by inviting the Fours in for a Pesach sing-a-thon and ended it with a rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOM HULEDET SAMEACH, and a cake.  We believe we truly surprised her.

We continued the party outside. Running up and down the hill and around the play area along with climbing and sliding down the slide was a great way to work off the cake they just enjoyed.

Have a Shabbat Shalom.

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra

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It’s Center Time!!!! for the sunflowers

The Sunflowers enjoyed taking turns at all the different learning centers.  It has been wonderful to observe how their coordination has improved from the beginning of the year until now as they rotate between the tables and floor showing off their fine and gross motor skills.  Using the sensory box to feel the sand and corn while finding all the different objects that were hidden was incredible.  None of the children wanted to go to another center since they were having so much fun.  But they enjoyed playing their favorite bingo game, alphabet game or even having a dance party.  The children were truly mesmerized when listening to the Passover story.  Watching how the story encoded into their minds was evident as we watched the way they built with the blocks.  Using the cork pyramid made it appear as if we (the Jewish people) were SLAVES in Egypt.

Spending time with the loose parts is always a wonderful experience. Watching their creativity come out as they design on their mirror boards is great to watch.  They are always so proud of themselves.

The children are looking forward to the upcoming holiday of Passover (Pesach).  Singing Passover songs is beginning to become the norm in our classroom.  The children love singing the order of the seder; KADESH OORCHATZ KARPAS YACHATZ…. feel free to ask them to sing it for you.   Talking about the foods we can and can not eat on Pesach is interesting.  One of the foods we eat on Pesach is MATZAH.  Though not edible, we enjoyed making matzah in our classroom.  Using a lego board the […]

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NOSH NOSH A HAMANTASH…. with the Sunflowers

Eggs, flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, and more are the ingredients the Sunflowers mixed together to make delicious hamantashen.  Taking turns adding and mixing the ingredients together as the children counted to ten in either Hebrew or English, the boys remembered that they needed to count in the ZACHAR (masculine) and the girls remembered that they needed to count in the NEKAYVA (feminine).  It was a proud moment as their counting was done with such zest.

After the dough was rolled out the children enjoyed choosing the flavor for their hamantaschen before folding the circle into a triangle.  Morah Jill taught the children a song about the shapes a hamantaschen start out as and then become.

HAMANTASHEN (to the tune of Clementine)


Speaking of Morah Jill, the children were so excited to see her.  It always feels like a long time since the Sunflowers are able to spend time and sing with her.  Being able to sing all our Purim songs and learn even more was so much fun.  Morah Jill brought in some of her favorite graggers. It was a great experience for everyone.  Hearing all the different sounds, seeing how graggers can come in many shapes and sizes was, as one child said, was “cool.”  Ending our time with Morah Jill with the parachute was great.  We even shared this experience with the two’s.

The children put forth a lot of hard […]

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