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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY in the Sunflowers

Last week after our discussion about Groundhog Day, the children all took a vote whether or not they wanted the groundhog to see his shadow, meaning we would have six more weeks of winter, or if they wanted the groundhog to NOT see his shadow, meaning spring is near.  The vote was unanimous.  No one in the Sunflowers wanted the groundhog to see his shadow.  The children were very happy to come back to school to find out that last Shabbat Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow.  So far his prediction has been true and the children have enjoyed being able to play outside.

Last week Morah Debra told the children that this Tuesday will be her dog, Daisy’s birthday.  The children decided that Daisy needed to have a birthday party.  On Monday the children baked a very special cake for her. Each child took turns adding and mixing all the ingredients before it was placed into the pan and put into the oven to bake.  The children were so excited Tuesday morning to be greeted by Daisy.  Daisy spent the entire day with the children. Daisy visited every classroom and the shul office.  Everyone had a fantastic time playing with Daisy.  Daisy in turn had a fantastic time.  She joined in for circle time, storytime, playtime, and our outside time.  Daisy loved her party.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to her and “how old are you now”.  Daisy is five years old.  The children and of course Daisy enjoyed the cake and fruit which Morah Debra brought in.   The children took another vote which again was unanimous. Daisy can come and be in our class anytime.

The children have been busy strengthening both their gross […]

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We’ve got rhythm…We’ve got music… Who could ask for anything more! in the Sunflowers

The Sunflowers love for music is marvelous.  The children just can’t get enough of it.   The class was fortunate to have Zachary’s mom come play her guitar for us.  The children gladly sang along and followed the hand motions to some of their favorites.  IF YOU’RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT, OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM, SHAKE OUR SILLIES OUT  to name a few.  After singing our favorites, the children then learned a new song. It’s called MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS  by Bob Dylan.  Morah Debra held the book up and turned the pages showing off the beautiful illustrations as Zachary’s mom sang the song.  It was an amazing experience watching the class sit with bated breath for what the next animal to get a name would be.


Morah Jill came to play with the Sunflowers this week.  Everyone enjoyed being able to use scarves and shakers as part of their music experience. Utilizing the entire space in the exploration room is always a blast whether we’re marching, following the leader, or this week being bunnies and having Morah jill catch us and give the children a “carrot”.  Each music class starts with the HELLO SONG followed by all the fun exciting songs Morah Jill brings with her.  This week’s songs were:






The beat goes on and on as the children were able to experience playing a […]

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The Sunflowers Want to Know, Shall We Hibernate?

The Sunflowers have been having a wonderful time hearing all the different ways that animals hibernate through the different poems and songs that the Morot have shared with the class. Watching the excitement and enthusiasm on the children’s faces as they act them out has been amazing.  The children couldn’t wait to hear the next lyric.

Please feel free to ask your child to act out and recite and sing for you.  They may need some help with the words.


The children continued to have fun with the hibernation theme by building their own cave and hibernating inside of it until it was time to wake up (springtime).  We took the chairs from around our tables and unfolded a tablecloth and laid it over the chairs.

Morah Aimee took some of the Sunflowers into the Toddler’s classroom to share some of our winter poems and songs with them. Hearing the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”  for the first time was so much fun especially when the goats were able to trick the troll and crossover the bridge and eat the green grass.  The Toddlers truly enjoyed having Morah Aimee and the Sunflowers visit their classroom.  Of course, so did all of the Sunflowers.

The children continue to show off their dexterity by using their hands to string more buttons on the strings, picking up and sorting the pegs by color ( green, blue, red, and yellow) and then placing them in the corresponding color on the matching board, using their imagination to build cars, houses, a cave for the hibernating bears out of the design sticks, and had fun creating a city […]

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“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” with the Sunflowers?

The talk of WINTER  is a constant in the Sunflower’s classroom.  The children know that there are four seasons. FALL,WINTER,SPRING, and SUMMER. All the children share with us how they love the winter season.  In our morning conversation, the children went around the circle and said what they liked best about winter.  Playing in the snow, making snow angels, sledding, and building a snowman were the top favorites.  We then made an invisible snowman in our circle describing what the eyes, nose, mouth, and arms were made out of, along with what color the snowman’s hat and scarf were. The children then started “gathering the snow” in their hands into a “snowball”  then “rolling the snowball until it was big enough to make each part of the snowman”, while the real snowman that we made dried in the Art Studio. To create each of the three tiers of the snowman the children used items with different textures.  After Zachary’s father came to read a book to the Sunflowers, he joined the class in watching  it snow in our classroom.  The children and Zachary’s father loved spreading the snow around on the” ground.”  The snow was made out of one of our favorite things, shaving cream.  The children like how the shaving cream feels; it is almost like snow, but not as cold. Making our “snowflakes” out of doilies and crinoline was another way the children enjoyed creating a wintery vision in our classroom.


We can not wait for more mom’s and dad’s to come and read and spend some time in our classroom.  Please contact the Morot via email to set up a time.

Morah Aimee taught the children some amazing poems about winter […]

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We went to the zoo zoo zoo. How about you you you? The Sunflowers

The Sunflowers started their week off with a trip to the zoo.  Morah Jill came with her caravan of animals.  There were lions, tigers, bears, giraffes, zebras and more. Every child was offered a different finger puppet and were encouraged to march around the room singing “WE’RE GOING TO THE ZOO ZOO ZOO HOW ABOUT YOU YOU YOU.” Morah Jill had different verses to the song where the children fed the animals, played with the animals ,and ended with putting the animals to sleep. In between each verse the children would sing “WE’RE GOING TO THE ZOO ZOO ZOO HOW ABOUT YOU YOU YOU”  while marching round the room. The children were mesmerized by the keyboard that Morah Jill brought in instead of her guitar. The keyboard was so big and had so many different buttons on it.  Morah  Jill explained that the buttons are called keys. There are black keys and white keys for which you can play different notes. The children were also able to take a turn beating on a small drum.  Music ended with the children getting to use a very special parachute.  Morah Jill helped the children raise and lower the parachute until finally a special surprised popped out of the hole in the middle of the parachute.          

As we continue our unit on winter which will officially begin on Friday, December 21, we thought we would invite the Toddlers into our classroom and bake snowball cookies together.  Everyone had a wonderful time mixing all the ingredients together to make the dough.  Rolling the dough between our fingers to form the cookies is always fun.  The children could not wait for the cookies to come out of the oven […]

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It is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter in the Sunflowers

The snow has been falling in the Sunflowers.  After reviewing the four seasons with the children, we have been reading books together on the topic of winter. One of the books we have read, SNOWY DAY, is about a  boy who likes the snow.  He makes tracks in the snow by walking with his feet inward and outward,  dragging a stick so it looks like the tracks of a snake that slithered by.  The boy goes on an adventure in the snow.  He loves the snow so much that he decides to place a snowball in his pocket for later when he is at home, only to find out it melted.  The boy was okay with that since he was going to do it all over again the next day.  The children made their own footprints with the help of Mr. Potato head’s feet and some toy animals.  They dipped the feet of the toys into shaving cream and then pressed it onto pieces of paper.  The children enjoyed touching and playing with the shaving cream too.

Another way in which it was snowing in the Sunflowers was when the children folded a piece of paper in half and then in half again in order to make snowflakes.  It was great to see how well the children hold and use a pair of scissors. The dexterity that they have in their fingers is magical.  The different designs that came from this exercise were remarkable.  The children also made snowflakes using glue and glitter.  They placed some glue on paper and added the glitter and had a blast shaking the extra glitter off.

Another winter favorite is the book […]

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Let’s Make Olive Oil in the Sunflowers

Rabbi Rosenblum came to school this week to show us how to make olive oil that can be used to light our chanukiot.  First, the children, with the help of the morot, took the pits out of the olives.  It was not so easy to do.  Rabbi Rosenblum then asked for a lot of volunteers to help him. The children sat patiently to see when they would be called up to help. After taking the pits out we then put the olives into a big bucket called an olive press. Next, we turned a handle which pressed the juice out of the olives.  Singing Chanukah songs made to time go by while we waited for all the juice to be drawn out from the olives. Rabbi  Rosenblum then poured the juice into a test tube which he then placed into a scrambler.  It made a really loud noise.  When the timer went off, he took it out of the scrambler and we could see how the oil had separated from the juice.  Rabbi Rosenblum then placed the oil into the chanukiah.  Next, we had to make the wicks.  Rubbing a piece of cotton between our hands a certain way became magical because when finished a wick was made. Rabbi Rosenblum the lit the Chanukiah and the children helped him make the brachot.  Thank you to Rabbi Rosenblum for a fun and exciting experience.

Morah Jill came to sing with us this week.  With the help of a special Chanukah book, Morah Jill reviewed in song the story of Chanukah.  The children then acted it out pretending to be candles standing tall as the flame shining so bright. As the candles […]

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Chanukah is here in the Sunflowers

The children have been so excited to celebrate Chanukah.  Painting, building, saying the brachot and, lighting our class Chanukiah has been so much fun, just like we are sure the children are doing at home with their beautiful Chanukiah.  The children painted cardboard rolls with Morah Debra while Morah Aimee and laid it out on the floor before we adhered it to our bulletin board. Using tissue paper the flame was ignited.

The children loved working on different projects that reinforced and recreated the Chanukah story and miracle. They loved being part of Judah the Maccabee’s army and creating their very own shield. Watching the children spin the dreidel has been a blast. Their fingers are really getting a workout as they get better and better at it.

Morah Aimee used blocks to retell the story of Chanukah.  The children built the Beit Hamikdash and then the children became the Greeks and knocked it down.  While cleaning up the Beit Hamikdash the children discovered the menorah, like the one they had in the real Beit Hamikdash, by building one out of blocks. Finally, the one remaining vile of oil that lasted for eight days instead of one, shined as the children used mini lights for the flame.  What a beautiful way to show their creativity.

Happy Chanukah,

Morah Pam, Morah Aimee, and Morah Debra




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The Sunflowers are busy like the Macacbees

The children have been very busy getting ready for Chanukah.  Learning the story of how King Antiyocus did not want the Jewish people to practice their religion anymore and how he and his army went into the Temple and tried to destroy it; and  how Judah the Macabee and his brothers took a small army and surprised King Antiyocus and his army and defeated them reclaiming the Temple and their religion. When the Jews went to clean up the Temple they found only one vile of oil to light the Menorah.  To everyone’s amazement, the oil lasted eight days thus giving us the holiday of Chanukah.  The children have spent the week practicing the brachot we say when we light the chanukiyah.  Knowing that on the first night we say three brachot and the rest of the nights we say two. Singing Chanukah songs is of course a favorite activity of ours. Throughout the week, the children have been busy preparing some beautiful Chanukah decorations that they are looking forward to sharing with their families. Watching the children work with different ways to decorate their dreidels was remarkable. They used glue in a couple different ways and used the dexterity in their fingers to be able to peel off the back of stickers, and dot paint. When all the decorating was finished the children strung their dreidels together. We were hoping that we would be able to spin our dreidels like the Jewish people did to hide their Torah learning from  King Antiyocus, but since we were not able to, we hope you will string it up in your houses.


The children used watercolors to paint a special Chanukah keepsake. […]

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Another Thanksgiving Celebrated in the Sunflowers

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your children shared all the songs that they enjoyed learning and singing in class as well as retelling you the Thanksgiving story.  When teaching the Thanksgiving story, the children were amazed at how far the Pilgrims had to travel (sail) on the Mayflower before arriving at Plymouth.  The children also could not believe that the Pilgrims had to learn how to grow their food instead of being able to go to the grocery store to buy it.  The children were thankful that the Native Americans were there to teach the Pilgrims how to farm and harvest their food.

The children enjoyed learning how different the Pilgrims and Native Americans were from just a simple thing as the way they dressed.  They were very creative while they made their own Native American clothing and their Pilgrim hats.  Hopefully your child wore them to your Thanksgiving tables.  Before we broke for the Thanksgiving holiday, all the students came together for a school wide feast.  The Three’s contributions were cornbread and cookies that they made from scratch.  The children had a blast baking with Morah Aimee, singing some Thanksgiving songs with all our friends while sharing a meal consisting of yummy vegetable soups made by the Pre-Kers and cranberry relish made by the Butterflies.  Our cornbread and cookies, and of course since it was Wednesday, PIZZA were so delicious.  The children had a wonderful time eating with all their friends. Hopefully, we will be able to do this again soon.


The children came back to school all excited to share their Thanksgiving stories with us.  The children love celebrating holidays so much that when we told them that […]

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