The chagim are now a wonderful memory. And now it’s time to settle into a regular routine.

We began on Wednesday by reacquainting the children with our arrival practice of putting lunch boxes in the lunchbox basket and water bottles on their special shelf. Understanding how toddlers thrive on routine, we are working on creating a pictorial daily schedule that we will introduce to the children next week and review daily. This will help to reinforce the daily routine while making the children more independent.

We are thrilled to welcome Aryeh Aminoff, the newest member of our class. He and the rest of his family moved to Livingston last month. The children were very sweet, introducing him to all the toys and games they play.

This week we’ve observed that puzzles, especially animal puzzles, are increasingly popular. It’s fascinating to watch how the different children approach puzzle play. Asher names the animal and makes its sound when he puts a puzzle together. Ethan holds up each piece and giggles. Daniela puts the animal pieces in a line. The sand table is a treasure trove of sensory and imaginative play. David and Elisheva pretend the sand is rain. Cars, trucks, and trains migrate from the toy shelves and get buried and unburied by shell shovels and spoons. Cakes are made. Sand is poured from one bowl to another.


Our theme for this week, and continuing next week, is Creation in its many forms. Creation of the world, creation of a classroom of friends who share and play together, and creation of works of art and sculpture. We talked about Hashem, how much He loves us, and how He is everywhere.  To make this concept more concrete, […]