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Halachic Summary

Please review the Halachic guide below and then download the relevant form using the links to the right.

  • All Chametz not destroyed or disposed of before Passover must be given as an outright and unconditional gift or sold to a non-Jew by Monday April 22, at 11:36 AM. (The legal complexities involved in such a sale make it nearly impossible to accomplish correctly without halachic expertise.)

  • Garbage bags with Chametz may be dropped off at the SSTC Garbage Dumpster on Monday April 22, until 11:30am.  The dumpster will be locked at 11:30am, as the garbage will be picked up by the sanitation department shortly afterwards.

  • The Rabbi does not buy the Chametz, but rather acts as an agent on your behalf to sell the Chametz to a non-Jew.

  • It is permissible to sell all of your Chametz.  Many people, however, prefer to dispose of their “Chametz Gamur” (actual bread items such as pasta, cookies, etc.) and only sell food items that contain some Chametz.  It is not necessary, though it is praiseworthy, to follow this stringency.

  • The Chametz should be gathered together to specific locations and prominently marked. One not only sells the Chametz, but also subleases to the non-Jew the location in which the Chametz is found. 

  • Should he so demand, the non-Jewish buyer, must be allowed free access to the Chametz he has purchased. Therefore, if one is going away for Passover the location of where the keys can be found must be provided on the sale form. 

  • The legal act of designating the Rabbi as agent for the sale of Chametz is best performed in a personal meeting in which the act of Kinyan Suddar can be performed. Kinyan Suddar is a form of 'acquisition-by-barter' in which the transfer of a something of value (e.g. a pen or handkerchief) from the Rabbi to yourself effectuates the transfer of property. 

  • Rabbi Proops will be available after Maariv each night for Chametz sales. Alternativly please email him at to arrange an appointment. 

  • As stated above, the Sale of Chametz is ideally performed in person with Rabbi Proops, however if it is really not possible for you to meet with the Rabbi personally, please fill out the form, which designates the Rabbi as your agent for the sale of Chametz sign it and mail (or email) it to the Synagogue office immediately or directly to the Rabbi at 

Click an image below to download a Sale of Chametz Form


maot chittim

Halachic Summary

  • Maot Chittim, also known as "Kimcha d'Pischa", refers to the obligation upon everyone to donate funds prior to Pesach in order to help those struggling financially, to cover their Holiday expenses.  
  • It is taught that the origins of the Maot Chittim project were as a response to the lack of availability of Kosher for Pesach flour with which to bake matzot. As such, many less fortunate families were forced to make due without Matza for much of the Holiday.
  • Only those who make an effort to help others have the right to begin their Pesach seder with the words: "Let all who are hungry come and eat with us". Those who refuse to donate to the Maot Chittim fund can be compelled to do so (Kaf HaChaim 429:15)
  • All funds collected as part of the SSTC Maot Chittim camplaign will go to help those struggling financially in our community, across the country and in Israel.
  • You can donate online by clicking the link on the right, or by writing a check to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund (please indicate Maot Chittim in the memo) and giving to the shul office.  

To donate Maot Chittim please fill in the form below. 

To pay by check you must be logged in to your account and choose Bill to Account on the payment page (after pressing submit). To Login please go to the top of the page before submitting the form.



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